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2013 Oregon Conservation Innovation Grants (CIG) - State Component

State Grant Component - Oregon

Closing date to except FY 2013 CIG State Component is MAY 17, 2013.

Informational Net Meetings on how to submit a successful State CIG proposal will be conducted on April 16 and April 23, 2013.  Click here to download the presentation in PDF format.

The intent of the state component of CIG is to provide flexibility to NRCS State Conservationist to target CIG funds to individual producers and smaller organizations that may provide promising innovative approaches and technologies in addressing environmental issues Oregon.  Projects must be within Oregon and may be area based or state wide in scope.

Applicants submitting proposals for the Oregon CIG may request up to, but not exceed $75,000 of matching federal funds. Applicants must provide a least 50 percent non-federal match with 25% of the total project being in-kind and the other 25 percent being cash contributions. The proposal must involve Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP)-eligible producers and should demonstrate the use of innovative technologies or approaches to address a natural resource concern in one of the following sub-categories: energy, climate change mitigation and adaptation, water quality or quantity,  plant health/vigor, soil health and wildlife habitat. CIG does not fund research projects. Instead, the program is designed to help in the adoption of measures that have been sufficiently studied to indicate a high likelihood of success.

Details are provided in the Fiscal Year 2013 Oregon Announcement for Program Funding (DOC, 92 KB)

Where to Apply

2013 Oregon CIG Proposals must be submitted in or received in the NRCS Oregon State Office by 4:00 p.m., Pacific Standard Time (PST) on May 17, 2013.

HARD COPY SUBMISSION: Hard copies MUST be accompanied by an electronic copy on a compact disc (CD). Electronic files must be either Microsoft Word or Adobe (pdf) files. Applications submitted via facsimile will not be accepted. The address for hand-delivered applications, applications submitted using express mail or overnight courier service, and for applications sent via the U.S. Postal Service is:

    USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
    Conservation Innovation Grants Program
    CIG Program Manager
    1201 NE Lloyd Blvd., Suite 900
    Portland Oregon 97232

ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION: To submit your application electronically, visit

Application Materials

The documents below may require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Fiscal Year 2013 Oregon Announcement of Program Funding (DOC, 92 KB)

Application Package Checklist (PDF, 88 KB)
SF 424a Application Cover Sheet (DOC, 261 KB)
Standard Form 424A (SF-424a) Budget Information-Non-Construction Programs (PDF, 126 KB)
    SF-424a Sample (PDF, 127 KB)
Standard Form 424B Assurances-Non-Construction Programs (PDF, 81KB)
Obtaining a DUNS Number (PDF, 23 KB)
Addendum to General Terms and Conditions for Awards (PDF, 48 KB)
Trafficking in persons (PDF, 34 KB)

Additional Information

The documents below requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.

AD 3030 Representations Regarding Felony Conviction & Tax Delinquent Status for Corporate Applicants (DOC, 21 KB)
AD 3031 Representations Regarding Felony Conviction & Tax Delinquent Status for Corporate Applicants (DOC, 22 KB)
National Instructions (PDF, 84 KB)
Schedule of Deliverables (XLS, 37 KB)

For More Information, Contact

Todd Peplin, NRCS Oregon Farm Bill Specialist
Phone: (541) 923-4358 ext 131