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Earth Team Volunteer Program Featured Volunteer Vignettes - Gayatri Yellajosula

Earth Team Volunteer Program:  Featured Earth Team Volunteer Vignettes - Gayatri Yellajosula

Featured Volunteer: Gayatri Yellajosula
Location: Hillsboro, Oregon
Volunteer Job Title: Soils Specialist

Gayatri Yellajosula

Gayatri Yellajosula

Volunteer Shares Her Knowledge of Soils

Gayatri Yellajosula, an Earth Team Volunteer in the Hillsboro Field Office, was awarded a PhD from the Department of Environmental Conservation Science at North Dakota State University in Fargo. Her dissertation topic was “Evaluation of Soil Carbon Sequestration in the Semi-arid Regions of the Northern Great Plains.”

Gayatri was born in Visahapatnam India and studied environmental sciences there. She is now helping the Hillsboro Field Office staff by producing maps for HEL and wetland determinations. Because Hillsboro has a new EQIP funding pool that focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Gayatri has agreed to work with a local partnership to develop a simple tool for the field office to estimate reductions in greenhouse gases as farmers implement their EQIP practices. Gayatri has experience with COMET VR, RUSLE2 and CENTURY, which are all models that help predict greenhouse gas emissions and/or carbon sequestration. Currently, Gayatri is also looking for full-time work that fits her strong background in soils and environmental sciences.

April 2011


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