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Conservation Activity Plans

Conservation Activity Plans (CAP)

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Program Description

The Food Conservation and Energy Act of 2008 (FCEA) provides authority to use EQIP financial assistance for payment of practices and conservation activities involving the development of plans appropriate for the eligible land of a program participant. The Act specifically authorizes EQIP to be used for comprehensive nutrient management plans and other plans that further the purposes of the program. In Oklahoma, NRCS will provide EQIP payments for the development of Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans and the development of Agricultural Energy Management Plans meeting agency standards and requirements. Eligible producers may apply for CAPs at their local NRCS office. EQIP payments are made directly to program participants for development of a CAP by a certified Technical Service Provider (TSP).

Application Process

Applications will be accepted from any eligible applicant on a continuous basis.  In order for an application to be considered for funding during the current fiscal year the application must be submitted by the posted deadline.

Eligible Practices and Payments Available Through the CAP

  • 102 - Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan
  • 104 - Nutrient Management Plan
  • 106 - Forest Management Plan
  • 108 - Feed Management Plan
  • 110 - Grazing Management Plan
  • 112 - Prescribed Burning Management Plan
  • 114 - Integrated Pest Management Plan
  • 118 - Irrigation Water Management Plan
  • 122 - Agricultural Energy Management Plan - Headquarters (offered only through the National Energy Initiative)
  • 124 - Agricultural Energy Management Plan - Landscape (offered only through the National Energy Initiative
  • 130 - Drainage Water Management Plan
  • 134 - Conservation Plan Supporting Transition from Irrigation to Dryland Farming
  • 138 - Conservation Plan Supporting Organic Transition (offered only through the National Organic Initiative)
  • 142 - Fish and Wildlife Habitat Management Plan
  • 146 - Pollinator Habitat Enhancement Plan
  • 154 - Integrated Pest Management Herbicide Resistant Weed Conservation Plan

CAP Payment Rates (PDF; 85 KB)

State Program Contact

Joy Alspach
Resource Conservationist
Phone: 405-742-1234
Email: Joy Alspach

For additional information and assistance, contact your local NRCS Field Service Center.

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