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Northern Custer County Cedar Control EQIP LEA

Northern Custer County Cedar Control LEA

This local emphasis area is located in the northern half of Custer County from SH33 at Hammond and east to the Caddo county line 7 miles North of Interstate 40, and covers approximately 325,000 acres.


Northern Custer County Cedar Control LEA covers approximately ½ of Custer County and is comprised of approximately 325,000 acres of agriculture land with an estimated 80,000 acres of native grass that is being invaded with Eastern Redcedar. The area is approximately 60 percent grassland that is privately owned and 10,000 of Cheyenne Arapaho tribal and or allotted land. As a result of the cedar encroachment, rangeland trends are on the decline with reduction in forage production and a steady decline in wildlife habitat for upland game that includes quail, turkey and in the Western portion, Lesser Prairie Chicken. Another resource concern is the fire hazard the cedars present to the area where there are a significant number of producers that reside on these farms. Cedar densities are generally less than 30 percent on the western side and steadily increase to greater than 30 percent on the east and northeast side of the area. A number of fields that had the cedars removed 5-10 years ago have a new crop of cedars. For this LEA the proposal will deal with mechanical treatment only and will involve clipping and cutting with some mechanical removal where densities dictate. Participation rate in the LEA boundary is expected to be approximately 50 percent of the producers.

Ranking and evaluation criteria (PDF; 13 KB)
Northern Custer County Cedar Control LEA Map (PDF; 75 KB)

Resource Concerns

  • Cropland Soil Erosion
  • Grazingland Soil Erosion
  • Redcedar Encroachment of Grazinglands
  • Livestock Water
  • Musk Thistle Invasion