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Major County Precision Nutrient Management LEA

Major County Precision Nutrient Management LEA Description

This local emphasis area is located in Major County, and covers approximately 616,320 acres.


The Major County Precision Nutrient Management LEA was initiated in 2011 to address nutrient management concerns in Major County.  The LEA encompasses the entire county’s service area consisting of approximately 616,320 acres.  The local work group has determined that this LEA is a priority effort with the objective to address the following resource concerns:  Soil Condition, Water Quality, Plant Condition and Domestic Animals.    

 This LEA will encourage producers in the proper application of nutrients based on timing, source and balancing the amount of nutrients applied with the plant’s needs to optimize health and vigor, production and nutritive value.  This timely application based on the plant’s need at application time through cutting edge technology will allow production to be optimized while also reducing the risk of over applying Nitrogen fertilizer, reducing the potential impacts such as Nitrogen leaving the field in leaching and runoff and reducing risks of Nitrogen contamination.  This increased level of management should result in productive lands along with a healthier environment for everyone.

Application Ranking Criteria (PDF; 13 KB)
Map of area eligible for this LEA (PDF; 214 KB)

Resource Concerns

  • Soil Condition – Organic Matter Depletion
  • Soil Condition – Contaminants:  Commercial Fertilizer - N
  • Water Quality – Excessive Nutrients and Organics in Groundwater
  • Water Quality – Excessive Nutrients and Organics in Surface Water
  • Plant Condition – Productivity, Health and Vigor
  • Plant Condition – Forage Quality and Palatability
  • Domestic Animals – Inadequate Quantities and Quality of Feed and Forage

Eligible Practices

  • 590 - Nutrient Management