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Beaver and Cimarron River LEA

Beaver and Cimarron River LEA Description

This local emphasis area is located in the riparian areas of Beaver County.


The purpose of this LEA is to greatly reduce brush species along the Beaver and Cimarron Rivers in Beaver County.  An emphasis will be placed upon Eastern Red Cedar, Salt Cedar, and Russian Olive.  The objective of managing these species is to increase the amount of water flow in these rivers.  Also by decreasing the seed source of Eastern Red Cedar, we will help to protect the Lesser Prairie Chicken Habitat of Beaver County.

Application Ranking Criteria (PDF; 13 KB)
Map of area eligible for this LEA (PDF; 281 KB)

Resource Concerns

Fish and Wildlife; Threatened and Endangered Fish and Wildlife Species

Plant Condition; Forage Quality and Palatability

Plant Condition; Noxious and Invasive Plants

Plant Condition; Productivity Health and Vigor

Plant Condition; Plants not adapted or suited

Livestock; Inadequate Stock Water

Eligible Practices


 Brush Management


 Prescribed Burning



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