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Beckham County Invasive Brush LEA

Beckham County Invasive Brush LEA Description

This local emphasis area is located in Beckham County, and covers approximately 374,440 acres.


Beckham County has been slowly reverting back to a grass based system of agriculture over the past few decades.  In conjunction with this land use change, landowners are seeing a need to address encroaching brush.  While Shinnery Oak and Mesquite have had a historic presence, of late, an additional resource issue is beginning to emerge.  Eastern Red Cedar is rapidly becoming more commonplace to this western Oklahoma county. 

 Although infestation levels are still relatively small, the Local Work Group feels that now would be the time to initiate action, before the situation becomes less manageable and more costly.  A major goal of this LEA would be to make additional economic assistance available allowing landowners better opportunity to implement brush control through Conservation Programs.  While the main emphasis of this LEA will be cost-share for Cedar control, applicants wishing to control Mesquite and Shinnery Oak will also receive consideration.  The benefits of this undertaking would be: reduction of invasive plants, an upward trend in pasture/range condition, a more efficient and beneficial use of water.

Application Ranking Criteria (PDF; 13 KB)
Map of area eligible for this LEA (PDF; 281 KB)

Resource Concerns

Plant Condition � Noxious and Invasive Plants

Plant Condition � Wildfire Hazard

Plants Not adapted or Suited

Domestic Animals � Inadequate Quantities and Quality of Feed and Forage

Water Quantity � Rangeland Hydrologic Cycle

Eligible Practices


Brush Management