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No-Till Initiative Local Emphasis Areas

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Program Information

In an effort to promote the use of no-till for crop production in Oklahoma, a Statewide No-Till Initiative is being offered in all counties in Oklahoma. The no-till practice consists of managing crop residues on the soil surface year round while limiting soil disturbing activities to only those needed for the placement of nutrients, residue conditioning, and/or planting crops. This practice will be used to convert fields which are using full width tillage to no till/strip till systems. Payments for no-till practices will be made annually for three consecutive years after the no-till crop is planted. The annual payments are subject to recovery if fields are not continuously no-tilled/strip-tilled for 4 consecutive years. A crop rotation with a minimum of two crops is strongly encouraged. Graze-out wheat is only allowed once within a three year period and must be immediately followed with a warm season crop or cover crop. No-till production crops has significant environmental benefits to the public, such as improved soil, water and air quality; and enhanced wildlife habitat.


In order to be eligible to participate in EQIP, an applicant must be in compliance with Highly Erodible Land and Wetland Conservation provisions, have an interest in the agricultural operation, and have control of the land for the proposed contract period. If the applicant is a tenant, written concurrence of the landowner is required to apply a structural conservation practice. Legal entities that apply for the program must provide a list of all members of the legal entity and embedded entities along with members’ percentage interest in the operation. Potential applicants are encouraged to update their USDA eligibility at the Farm Service Agency (FSA) prior to making application for EQIP. EQIP applications will not be ranked or considered for funding until the applicant meets all eligibility requirements.

Statewide No-Till Ranking Criteria (PDF; 32 KB)

Eligible Practices and Payment Rates

The list of eligible conservation practices for EQIP contracts in the no-till emphasis areas is limited to the following practices and activities with the same payment rates as the current statewide EQIP practice payment rates for these scenarios.

  • Residue and Tillage Management No Till/Strip Till/Direct Seed (329) - REQUIRED unless the participant is already implementing no-till
  • Conservation Crop Rotation (328)
  • Cover Crop (340)
  • Deep Tillage/Ripping and Subsoiling (324)
  • Nutrient Management (590)
  • Pest Management/Integrated Pest Management (595)

Statewide EQIP Practice Payment Rates (PDF; 32 KB)


Kenneth Hitch
Resource Conservationist
Phone: 405-742-1208
Email: Kenneth Hitch

For additional information and assistance, contact your local NRCS Field Service Center.