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Watershed Rehabilitation Information

Watershed Rehabilitation Information

The purpose of the Watershed Rehabilitation Program is to extend the service life of the dams and bring them into compliance with applicable safety and performance standards or to decommission the dams so they no longer pose a threat to life and property.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service is authorized to provide technical and financial assistance to watershed project sponsors in rehabilitating their aging dams.

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You can visit the following national website Watershed Rehabilitation Information for additional information.

The 2014 Farm Bill made about $262 million available for rehabilitation of 151 dams in 26 states, including Oklahoma.  These watershed managment projects provide an estimated $2.2 billion in annual benefits in reduced flooding and erosion damages, recreation, water supplies and wildlife habitat for roughly 47 million people. Projects were identified based on recent rehabilitation investments and the risks to life and property if a dam failure occured.  Projects in Oklahoma include:

Barnitz 11, Barnitz 5, Barnitz 1, Cottonwood 54, Fourche Maline 7M, Ft. Cobb lateral 10, Quapaw 15M, Rock Creek 15, Rock Creek 16, Rock Creek 2, Sallisaw 33, Upper Black Bear 62, Upper Clear Boggy 26, Upper Elk Creek 23D


Bill Porter
Assistant State Conservationist (Water Resources)
Phone: 405-742-1206
Email: Bill Porter
April Burns
Water Resources Coordinator
Phone: 405-742-1284
Email: April Burns