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Application Information

Application Information

The following may require Acrobat Reader

Form SF-424 must also have the following Attachment information (sample attachment above)

  1. Project name
  2. Dam number
  3. Original project authority
  4. Dam location (legal description)
  5. List of current sponsoring local organizations (SLOs) with Operations and Maintenance (O&M) responsibilities for the dam
  6. Names, addresses and contact information for SLOs / designated contact persons
  7. Year dam was constructed
  8. Description of existing condition and known rehabilitation needs of the dam, including status of O&M
  9. Description of current benefits provided by dam (including documentation of reduced flooding damages from past events if it is available)
  10. Dam safety agency information, permit needs, comments, and recommendations on rehabilitation needs for specific dam, and a copy of any action order issued by the State dam safety agency.
  11. Statements from the SLOs, that they will commit to the following:
    • Assist in leading locally-led planning effort
    • Obtain needed land rights, including the use of power of eminent domain, if necessary
    • Provide local cost-share funds, in-kind services, or both, to provide the required 35 percent of total project costs
    • Enter into a new O&M agreement with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), with the understanding of the terms of the new O&M agreement
    • Provide funds for continuing O&M actions
    • Obtain required permits and approvals at their own cost
    • Provide leadership to assure appropriate land use controls are enacted or required for downstream areas prior to construction if a low or significant hazard dam is involved
    • Provide leadership to assure adequate land treatment measures have been installed and maintained on at least 50 percent of the watershed area above the dam
    • Execute a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the NRCS before being credited with the value of any in-kind contribution

Address for submitting application packet


Water Resources Coordinator

USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service

100 USDA, Suite 206

Stillwater, OK 74074-2655



Bill Porter
Assistant State Conservationist (Water Resources)
Phone: 405-742-1206
Email: Bill Porter
April Burns
Water Resources Coordinator
Phone: 405-742-1284
Email: April Burns