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Plant Materials Program

Oklahoma Plant Materials Program

The mission of the Plant Materials Program is to develop and transfer effective state-of-the-art plant science technology to meet customer and resource needs. 

The purpose of the Plant Materials Program is to:

  1. Assemble, test, and release plant materials for conservation use.
  2. Determine techniques for successful use and management of conservation species.
  3. Facilitate the commercial increase of conservation species.
  4. Provide for the timely development and transfer of effective state-of-the-art applied science technology to solve conservation problems.
  5. Promote the use of plant science technology to meet the goal and objectives of the Natural Resources Conservation of Service (NRCS) strategic plan.

Oklahoma is serviced by four Plant Materials Centers:

The Oklahoma Plant Materials Long Range Plan has been developed by the Oklahoma State Plant Materials Committee in accordance with the National Plant Materials Manual. This plan is intended to be used as a guide for directing plant materials activities within the state. Emphasis was placed on the high priority conservation needs for Oklahoma. It recognizes the need to expand the use of proven materials for rapidly expanding resource conservation uses. This plan will be used along with the respective plans of the other states within the service area to develop the Booneville, Arkansas; Knox City, Texas; and Manhattan, Kansas, Plant Materials Center�s Long Range Plan.

Oklahoma Plant Materials Long Range Plan June 2006 (PDF, 126 KB)


Steven Glasgow
State Resource Conservationist
Phone: 405-742-1235
Email: Steven Glasgow