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Suggested and Required Posters

Required Posters

Last Modified 03/11/2011

The following documents require Acrobat Reader

And Justice For All Form AD-475A, Rev 9/2006 (11"x17" Poster PDF; 393 KB)

Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law AD-1181, Rev 9/2003 (11"x17" Poster PDF; 184 KB)

Employee Assistance Program (PDF; 84 KB)

Federal Minimum Wage WHD Publication 1088, Rev 7/2009 (PDF; 49 KB)

The Hatch Act and Federal Employees Rev 12/2005 (PDF; 54.8 KB)

NRCS Chief White - Civil Rights Policy Dated 02/15/2011 (PDF; 88 KB)

NRCS Chief White - Anti-Harassment Policy Dated 01/14/2010 (2 pg Letter Size PDF; 41 KB or 1 pg 11"x17" PDF; 41KB)

NRCS Equal Employment Opportunity Counseling Program Dated 1/2002 (11"x17" Poster PDF; 96 KB)

NRCS Sexual Harassment Fact Sheet Dated 4/2003 (PDF; 239 KB)

Oklahoma Equal Opportunity/Civil Rights Policy Statement Dated 01/2011 (PDF; 48 KB)

Oklahoma Policy on Prevention of Sexual Harassment Dated 01/2011 (PDF; 47 KB)

OSHA - Job Safety and Health - It's the Law! OSHA 3165-12-06R, (11"x17" Poster PDF; 2.04 MB)

OSHA - Job Safety and Health - It's the Law Spanish Version, OSHA 3167-01-07R, (11"x17" Poster PDF; 990 KB)

Prohibited Personnel Practices Rev 12/2005 (PDF; 27.8 KB)

USDA Secretary Vilsack - Civil Rights Policy Statement Dated 02/25/2009 (PDF; 63 KB)

USDA Sexual Harassment Is Illegal AD-1085, Rev 09/2003 (11"x17" Poster PDF; 8 MB)

Whistleblowing Rev 12/2005 (PDF; 39 KB)

Whistleblower Retaliation Rev 12/2005 (PDF; 37 KB)