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Ecological Sciences Training Courses

The following documents require Acrobat Reader

NOTE: The ECS training courses are general courses offered by the ECS state office staff. Requests for ECS training, either as listed here or for any other topics, should be requested through the resource specialists. Resource specialists will plan and coordinate training needs for their respective zones.

Table of Contents

Subject / Course Name Course Description  
Farm Pond Management OK-ECS-001 (PDF; 49 KB)
Conservation Planning for Cropland OK-ECS-003 (PDF; 36.5 KB)
Sheet and Rill Erosion Prediction OK-ECS-004 (PDF; 37.9 KB)
Wind Erosion Prediction OK-ECS-005 (PDF; 35.9 KB)
Application of Forestry Best Management Practices OK-ECS-006 (PDF; 39.6 KB)
Forestry Education OK-ECS-007 (PDF; 32.5 KB)
Forestry Standards OK-ECS-008 (PDF; 31.9 KB)
Riparian Forest Buffer Design OK-ECS-009 (PDF; 32.6 KB)
Tree Identification OK-ECS-010 (PDF; 33.8 KB)
Nutrient Management  
Nutrient Management OK-ECS-011 (PDF; 45.4 KB)
Comprehensive Nutrient Management Planning (CNMP) OK-ECS-012 (PDF; 40.9 KB)
Pest Management  
Brush Management OK-ECS-013 (PDF; 46 KB)
Grazing Lands  
Evaluating Livestock Nutrition OK-ECS-014 (PDF; 40.6 KB)
Evaluating Pasture Condition OK-ECS-015 (PDF; 37.9 KB)
Evaluating Rangeland Health, Trend, and Similarity Index OK-ECS-016 (PDF; 39 KB)
Planning on Grazinglands - Prescribed Grazing OK-ECS-017 (PDF; 45.6 KB)
Plant ID 101 - Grass, forbs and shrubs OK-ECS-018 (PDF; 45.7 KB)
Plant ID 102 - Woody plants OK-ECS-019 (PDF; 44 KB)
Prescribed Burning 101 OK-ECS-020 (PDF; 37 KB)