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Transfer Chart

WebTCAS Time Charges for Transferring Employees

Updated April 09, 2009
Transfer leave is limited to a maximum of 80 hours. This leave should be pre-approved by the supervisor who will be certifying your T&A. Please notate the purpose for using transfer leave in the �Employee Note to Timekeeper� section on your T&A. Some common transfer activities are listed below. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Financial Management.


Transfer Activity Charge time
to Other Leave-Transfer
Charge time to
Personal Leave
(Annual, Credit, Comp)
Charge time
to Work Time
House Hunting Trip X    
Closing on old or new residence X    
Turning on or off utilities X    
Closing bank accounts at old duty station or opening bank accounts at new duty station X    
Obtaining new drivers license at new duty station X    
Meeting with movers for pre-move survey X    
Preparing old residence for sale (painting, cleaning, making repairs, etc.)   X  
Sorting personal items and cleaning in preparation for move or clean up of old residence after movers have finished packing and loading household goods   X  
Acting as government representative while movers pack and load household goods     X
Driving to new duty station (single one-way trip)     X
Acting as government representative while movers unload and unpack household goods at new residence     X
Cleaning, unpacking, arranging furniture, hanging pictures, etc., at new residence after movers have left   X  
If employee chooses to move himself/herself instead of using government-selected household goods carrier:      
1. Moving household goods (arranging for truck rental, self-pack, load, unload, and drive time for multiple trips)   X  
2. Driving to new duty station (single one-way trip)     X