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Transfer of Official Duty Station

Updated August 09, 2012

The following is information is provided for your transfer of duty station. Please complete and return the appropriate forms as indicated, to the NRCS State Office, Financial Management Section, 100 USDA, Stillwater, OK 74074.

NOTE: Relocation expenses incurred prior to signing the Service Agreement WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED.

Transfer Allowances and Related Requirements Information - The NRCS Human Resources Management Division website contains information and documents which explain allowable expenses for your change of official station. It is recommended that you become familiar with transfer allowances and related requirements in order to support your claims for reimbursement. Included in this website are the Transfer Questionnaire, the Service Agreement, and the Addendum to the Service Agreement, which must be completed by you.

WebTCAS Time Charges for Transferring Employees - A chart listing appropriate time charges for common transfer activities.

These documents requires Acrobat Reader

Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement - (Fillable PDF; 297 KB) If you elect to use the relocation services, complete the statement and return to Financial Management. The relocation company will not provide services until they are in receipt of the completed disclosure statement.

Lodging & M&IE Options for Househunting Trip (Fillable PDF; 244 KB) Complete and return document to Financial Management.

Fixed Rate Temporary Quarters Affidavit (PDF; 10 KB) Complete and return to FNM Section of State Office.

The following Fillable AD Forms (Fill In PDF files) can be found at the OCIO Forms Management website link:

OCIO Forms Website

At the OCIO website, use the drop down menu to select a form number, or scroll down to a form.

Form AD-424 Employee Application for Reimbursement of Expenses Incurred Upon Sale or Purchase of Residence upon Change of Official Station. This form is used to support your claim for real estate expenses. This form should not be submitted until your actual real estate expenses have been incurred and a claim prepared on Form AD-616R, Travel Voucher.
Form AD-569 Expense Record for Temporary Quarters
Form AD-616R Travel Voucher (Relocation)
Instructions for AD-616R Instructions for Completing AD-616R for RIT
Form AD-1000 Claim for Relocation Income Tax Allowance for the Year (attachment to Form AD�616R)
Instructions for AD-1000 Instructions for Completing AD-1000
Form AD-349 Employee Address

The following Fillable SF Form (PDF Version) can be found at the GSA Forms Library-SF Forms website link:

GSA Forms Website

At the GSA website, select your form number at the "Jump to form numbers", or scroll down to a form.

Form SF-1199A Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form. Complete the Direct Deposit form and return it to the State Office.

Relocation Income Tax (RIT) Allowance You will receive a special RIT allowance to pay the taxes that you will owe on the reimbursements you receive for moving expenses.

Relocation Services: Making Your Move with NRCS The Natural Resources Conservation Service's Relocation Service gives you a home finding and home marketing alternative when you must sell your present home and find a new home at your new duty station.

Legal Authority for Home Marketing Incentive USDA Home Marketing Incentive program offers eligible employees an award of 2% of the selling price of their home, not to exceed $5,000.

Employee Guide - Shipping Your Household Goods This GSA guide is provided to assist you, the employee, in making your move as smooth and worry-free as possible. While this guide provides you with information to assist you in your relocation process, you should also make yourself familiar with your agency�s policies. Some agencies have specific instructions in addition to the rules and guidelines found in this guide.

The following five signed and completed forms must be returned to Financial Management in order to process your travel authorization:
1. Service Agreement
2. Transfer Questionnaire
3. Addendum To Service Agreement Real Estate Transaction Questions
4. Options for House hunting Trip
5. Options for Temporary Quarters

Original documents are required for transfer files. If time is a factor, you may fax these documents to the Financial Management Section at 405-742-1129, and then mail the originals to Financial Management.

Contact Information

Cassandra L. Sites
Budget Officer
Financial Management Section
Phone: 405-742-1219