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Cheyenne DC Greg Allen Wins "Name the Newsletter Contest"

Cheyenne DC Greg Allen Wins "Name the Newsletter Contest"

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Congratulations to Greg Allen, district conservationist at the Cheyenne, Oklahoma NRCS office in Roger Mills County. Allen was the winner of the �Name the NRCS Oklahoma Electronic Newsletter.�

The team of judges selected his entry, The Oklahoma News Trail, as the winner among the 142 contest entries. The contest, which ran from January 14 to January 25, 2008, was open to all NRCS employees in Oklahoma (OKLAHOMA BULLETIN NO. OK260-8-1).

Allen, a 20-year employee of the NRCS in Oklahoma, will receive a monetary spot award for his efforts. Allen is actually a second generation conservationist; his father retired in 1994 after 34 years with the SCS/NRCS.

�I thought of NRCS� history of conservation in Oklahoma,� Allen explains of his winning entry. �I liked using the word �trails� in the title to tie our newsletter back to the history of cattle trails in our state. It reminds us of our agricultural past � but also shows how far we have come.�

The Oklahoma News Trail will provide us with a new avenue to communicate our outstanding conservation and partnership efforts in Oklahoma,� says NRCS Oklahoma State Conservationist Ron Hilliard. �We were encouraged by the number of entries we received to help us launch this new project.

�Our goal with this e-newsletter is to create broader awareness of NRCS activities in Oklahoma,� Hilliard continues. �I encourage all employees to bring some good news stories to the attention of their supervisors and our public affairs staff so our network of conservation partners can better understand all that we do. I also encourage everyone to forward
The Oklahoma News Trail to your own list of partners to help our efforts get as much exposure as possible.�

The Oklahoma News Trail electronic newsletter will be distributed periodically, as the news and feature articles become available. The e-newsletter will be sent via e-mail to all NRCS employees in Oklahoma, various agencies, organizations and conservation partners across the nation. Oklahoma NRCS employees are encouraged to forward the articles to their own partner list, which may include district board members, county officials, media representatives, etc.

The Oklahoma News Trail will be distributed as an e-mail, and posted on the NRCS Oklahoma Highlights and Stories website. The link to the stories can be accessed by clicking on �News� on the top menu bar on the NRCS Oklahoma website.

By Dee Ann Littlefield
NRCS February 2008

Last Modified: 02/20/2008

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