Drought Mitigation Livestock Initiative

Drought Mitigation - Livestock Initiative

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Program Information

The Drought Mitigation - Livestock Initiative (DMLI) was established in FY 2013 to address inadequate quantities and quality of livestock water on grazing lands throughout the State following excessive Drought.  Applicants can offer as many grazing units (pastures) as they choose however only one source of water per grazing unit will be funded.  Applicants within one of the approved livestock water LEAs (Creek County Browns Creek, KTC, or Little Water) should apply in these LEAs as they cannot be considered in the DMLI.  

Application Process, Eligibility and Evaluation Criteria

Applications will be accepted on a continuous basis, but only those received by the application ranking cut-off will be considered for the initial selections.  Funding selections will be made exclusively from those applications received.

Applicants may apply by completing the NRCS-CPA-1200 Application Form and Appendix and submit it to their local NRCS Field Service Center.

Drought Mitigation Ranking Criteria

Eligible Practices and Payment Rates

Statewide EQIP Practice Payment Rates

The list of eligible conservation practices for the statewide Irrigation Water Management resource concerns is limited to the following with the same payment rates as the current statewide EQIP practice payment rates.

342 - Critical Area Planting
378 - Pond
382 - Fence
472 - Access Control
516 - Livestock Pipline
521C - Pond Sealing and Lining
533 - Pumping Plant
561 - Heavy Use Area Protection
575 - Animal Trails and Walkways
614 - Watering Facility
642 - Water Well


Kenneth Hitch
Resource Conservationist
Phone: 405-742-1208
Email: Kenneth Hitch

For additional information and assistance, contact your local NRCS Field Service Center.

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