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Statewide Lagoon Closures

Statewide Lagoon Closures

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Program Information

This allocation has been set-aside to assist in the closure of livestock waste treatment lagoons and livestock waste storage ponds where confined animal production operations were discontinued voluntarily, involuntarily, or by termination of an industry contract statewide. Applications are evaluated, ranked by a multi-disciplinary team, and selected for funding at the state level.

This practice provides complete closure under the Oklahoma Closure of Waste Impoundments (360) practice standard for closure of treatment lagoons, waste storage ponds, under barn storage pits, and other associated waste facilities in an environmentally safe manner, that are no longer used for their intended purpose. Closure of these facilities will follow an official closure plan developed by NRCS, the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry (ODAFF), or an approved Technical Service Provider.

Application Process, Eligibility and Evaluation Criteria

Applications will be accepted on a continuous basis, but only those received by the application ranking cut-off will be considered for funding.  Funding selections will be made exclusively from those applications received.

Applicants may apply by completing the NRCS-CPA-1200 Application Form and Appendix and submit it to their local NRCS Field Service Center.

Statewide Lagoon Closure Ranking Criteria (PDF; 12KB)

Eligible Practices and Payment Rates

The only eligible practices for the Lagoon Closure set aside are those that are necessary to complete the closure under the Oklahoma Closure of Waste Impoundments Standard.

342 - Critical Area Planting
360 - Closure of Waste Impoundment
633 - Waste Utilization
634 - Waste Transfer

Statewide EQIP Practice Payment Rates (PDF; 32 KB)


Kenneth Hitch
Resource Conservationist
Phone: 405-742-1208
Email: Kenneth Hitch

For additional information and assistance, contact your local NRCS Field Service Center.