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Using NOAA Atlas 14 rain depths in WinTR-55

WinTR-55 procedure to replace TP-40 rainfall depths with NOAA Atlas 14, Vol.2 rainfall data (work-around)

Since rainfall depths are “hard-coded” into the WinTR-55 program, this procedure is a temporary work-around until Atlas 14 depths can be incorporated into the program more directly.  Rather than having to enter the revised values each time you use WinTR-55, this procedure requires updating the values only once for each county.

  1. Run the WinTR-55 program and choose “Ohio” for the state and the county that you want to replace with updated rainfall data.
  2. Choose “Global Data” from the top menu and then choose “Storm Data.”
  3. Click the button for “NRCS Storm Data” which will bring in that county’s TP-40 values. Replace the depths that change for the 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 year storms (erase the 1 year value since none is presently provided in Atlas 14 data.)  Click the “Accept” button.
  4. Choose “File”, “Save As” and save this data as “Countyname_Atlas14_template” where "Countyname" is the county you are working on.  Do this for each county that you will be working with.
  5. Whenever starting a new WinTR-55 project, open “Countyname_Atlas14_template.w55” and then immediately do a “save as” with a project name for the site you are working on so that you don’t overwrite the template file.  Proceed to enter the rest of your data for the analysis.  Do NOT click the “NRCS Storm Data” button under “GlobalData”, “Storm Data.”