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Engineering Forms and Design Aids 

These forms can be found on the NRCS-Ohio SharePoint site in the Engineering- "Shared Documents" section.  The SharePoint site can only be accessed by NRCS-Ohio employees.

  • Miscellaneous Forms

    • Practice Quality/Spot Check Report (OH-ENG-7)

  • Utility Information

    • Utilities Information List (OH-ENG-230)

  • Flue Gas Desulferization (FGD) Pad Design

    • FGD Pad for Hay Storage (OH-ENG-236)

    • FGD Pad for Feeding Within A Grazing Area (OH-ENG-237)

    • FGD Pad for Temporary Livestock Confinement (OH-ENG-238)

  • Mortality Composting Facility Design

    • Composting Management Record for Bin System (OH-ENG-231b)

    • Composting Management Record for Windrow System (OH-ENG-231w)

    • Compost volume Tables 1-3 (OH-ENG-232)

    • Annual livestock death loss calculations (General Livestock) (OH-ENG-233a)

    • Annual livestock death loss calculations (Swine) (OH-ENG-233s)

    • Annual livestock death loss calculations (Poultry) (OH-ENG-233p)

    • Composting design worksheet for Windrows (OH-ENG-234a)

    • Composting design worksheet for Bins (OH-ENG-235a)

    • Design procedure for animal mortality composting system (OH-ENG-compost inst.)

    • Livestock mortality rates and design weights (OH-ENG-mortality rate)

    • Windrow composting with sawdust Livestock Mortality Composting Operation & Maintenance Plan

    • Bin composting with sawdust (includes Poultry) Livestock Mortality Composting Operation and Maintenance Plan