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Ohio CADalog Standard DetailsĀ 

Standard Details are individual details which could be imported or referenced into another drawing.

Alphabetical Listing by Standard Detail Name:

NOTE:  The AutoCAD DWG files shown in the Tables as Release 2002, 2004, 2005 or 2010 may also be available in Release 2000 format.  CAUTION: some drawings may have lost some functionality and/or drawing information during the back-saving process; known problems will be noted in the table.

NOTE:  The AutoCAD DWF files can be viewed with the Autodesk DWF Viewer.  This software is CCE certified and can be loaded onto any CCE computer by an IT specialist.

Alphabetical Listing of all Standard Details

AutoCAD "Extras"
Shape Files
(ZIP; 10 Kb)
Extract this ZIP file to the AutoCAD support folder (may be needed for Fence drawings).
Color Table
(ZIP; 4 Kb)      
Extract NRCS BWgray.cbt (5 Kb) from the ZIP file and copy to the AutoCAD Plot Style folder; for Black and White printing.
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