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Ag. Waste Mgmt. Field Handbook SupplementsĀ 

The AWMFH is a technical reference that can be used to develop designs of animal waste management system components, such as waste storage facilities, waste treatment lagoons, and waste utilization.  The AWMFH is supplemented with information specific to Ohio. These pages are generally copied on green paper for filing in the handbook.

The following documents require Adobe Acrobat for viewing and/or printing.

Ohio AWMFH Supplements
Edition; Issue;
Amendment Number
Date Issued Changes Made (Add/Remove Pages; etc.)
Issue 1
(PDF; 82 Kb)
January 2005 Discard all previously issued Ohio Supplements (green sheets); Insert: Pages OH6-22 (1) through (2) following page 6-22; Pages OH7-20 (1) through (7) following page 7-20; Pages OH10-34 (1) through (5) following page 10-34