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Hiring a Technical Service Provider

As a conservation program participant, you may obtain technical assistance directly from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) or from a certified Technical Service Provider (TSP).  You will be reimbursed for the use of a certified TSP at the Technical Service Provider Rate (TSPR) that will be included in your program contract. Your contract will be modified (subject to fund availability) to include the cost for the TSP if you choose to use a TSP.

Those interested in locating a certified Technical Service Provider will find the necessary information to do so on the National Technical Service Provider Website under TechReg.

Once you sign the contract or agreement to use the services of a TSP, the NRCS will not provide technical assistance relating to that contracted service.

The documents linked in this page require Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you have difficulty accessing these files or need the information in an alternative format, contact the  webmaster.

TSP Step-by-Step Process for Producers

  1. The producer completes the “Request for TSP Assistance” form and submits it to the local NRCS Office. If approved, the NRCS will modify your Conservation Program Contract to include the TSP services and Technical Service Provider Rate (TSPR).  The producer signs the Contract Modification for TSP services.  NRCS will provide the producer with a copy of the "Statement of Work" (SOW) for the specific conservation practices you intend to install.

  2. The producer selects a certified/approved TSP from the TechReg website, hires the TSP, and develops a contract or agreement with the TSP on services to be provided, payments, and schedule for completion.

  3. OPTIONAL: The producer completes the form “AUTHORIZATION FOR RELEASE OF NRCS CASE FILE INFORMATION TO TECHNICAL SERVICE PROVIDER” to release case file information to the selected TSP.

  4. The producer works with the TSP to complete the contracted services.

  5. The TSP provides two copies (one copy for the producer and one copy for the NRCS) of all the required documentation for the services provided as listed in the “Statement of Work” (SOW), an invoice for the services completed, and the WARRANTY OF TECHNICAL SERVICES PROVIDED. TSP certifies completion of work on form CCC-1245.

  6. The producer submits the required documentation, the signed CCC-1245, and the invoice to the NRCS for payment.

  7. OPTIONAL: The producer can sign an “Assignment-for-Payment” to have the TSP payment go directly to the TSP.

  8. The NRCS reviews the documentation and if complete processes and makes payment.

State TSP Coordinator

Mike Monnin
State Conservation Engineer
200 N. High St., Rm. 522
Columbus, OH 43215
PH: (614) 255-2488