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Silver Jackets- National Flood Risk Management ProgramĀ 

Silver Jackets logoSilver Jackets teams are collaborative state-led interagency teams continuously working together to reduce flood risk at the state level. Through the Silver Jackets program the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and additional Federal, state and sometimes local and Tribal agencies, provide a unified approach to addressing a state’s priorities. Often no single agency has the complete solution but each may have one or more pieces to contribute. The Silver Jackets team is the forum where all relevant agencies come together with the state to collaboratively plan and implement that interagency solution. Through partnerships, Silver Jackets optimizes the multi-agency utilization of federal resources by leveraging state/local/Tribal resources including data and information, talent, and funding to minimize duplication among agencies.

Public outcry after the landmark Flood of 1913 event helped drive the creation of many of the federal, state and local flood prevention and education efforts we rely on today. In the spirit of collaboration, the Silver Jackets gathers teams of federal, state and local agencies to work on state-initiated flood preparedness, warning, and response projects. The Silver Jackets commemoration of the Flood of 1913 is being lead by the Ohio and Indiana Silver Jackets teams including a number of supporting agencies (complete list on the Partner Agencies page):

  • Federal Agencies

    • USDA-NRCS; USGS; Army Corps of Engineers; FEMA; National Weather Service

  • State and Regional Agencies

    • Ohio DNR; Ohio EPA; Ohio DOT; Ohio EMA; Miami Conservancy District (OH); Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (OH)

    • Indiana DNR; Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management; Indiana DOT; Purdue University; Maumee River Basin Commission

    • Midwestern Regional Climate Center


Last Modified: 02/15/2013