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Engineering Software

All of the software and programs that can be downloaded from this page are CCE certified (except as noted). 

Other design tools and spreadsheets and Ohio Engineering Forms can be found on the Ohio Engineering Forms and Design Tools page.

NRCS employees should always check the OCIO Software and Hardware Certification SharePoint site for the current list of certified software and hardware for the Windows 7 operating system.

  • Engineering Field Tools (EFT) (General information page with links)
    • The Engineering Field Tools (EFT) is a framework of engineering tools for field office individuals to plan and design commonly applied conservation practices. Currently there are four applications within the EFT, Survey Engineering Tool (SET), Grassed Waterway Design Tool (WDT), Terrace Design Tool (TDT), and Hydraulic Formulas Tool (HFT).
    • NRCS employees can access the EFT from the Windows Start Menu by selecting:  Start/ All Programs/ Engineering Applications/ Engineering Field Tools/ EFT X.x.x.x  (where "x" is the most recent version number)
    • Non-NRCS employees can download a public version by going to the EFT web page using the link provided above (scroll to the bottom of the page for downloading instructions).
  • Animal Waste Management (AWM) (link to a General information page)
    • Agricultural Waste Management Field Handbook (AWMFH)
      The AWMFH can be viewed/downloaded by chapters from the NRCS e-Directives web site.  In the left side menu bar on the e-Directives site , select "Handbooks"; then from the right side of the page expand "Title 210- Engineering"; then select "National Engineering Handbook"; and finally select "Part 651- Agricultural Waste Management Field Handbook".
    • AWM Software and Database
      • The following items are featured on the Animal Waste Management Software web page:
        • Current Program version-  AWM 2.4

        • Current Database- Version 2.80

        • Installation and User Guides (PDF format)
      • Information for ALL USERS of AWM:
        • AWM 2.4 may not work properly after an upgrade to Office 2013.  The program might not be able to interface with Microsoft Access to build reports.  Access is required for AWM to run successfully.  The AWM program will state that it "cannot find Access".  If you experience this problem, this document explains the issue and how to resolve this issue.
        • The AWM program stores information on animals, beddings, climate, separators and several other parameters required for AWM.  The AWM 2.80 database file (awm_data.mdb) is not compatible with prior versions of AWM.  However, AWM 2.4 can read older versions of AWM project (*.awm) files but once they are saved in AWM 2.4, the newly saved project files cannot be used with older versions of AWM.  Similar to the AWM program executable (awm.exe), the AWM database file (awm_data.mdb) is occasionally updated with latest information.  Check the Animal Waste Management Software web page for updates of the AWM database that may be available.
        • The AWM program has been tested under Microsoft Windows 7. 
  • Hydraulics and Hydrology- Tools and Models
    The following programs can be downloaded from the national NRCS Water site:
    • AGNPS (AGricultural Non-Point Source Pollution Model)
    • HecRas (Water Suface Profiles)
    • Cross-Section Analyzer (Hydraulic parameters for uniform flow)
    • SITES (Rainfall-Runoff for Dam and Spillway Analysis and Design)
    • TR-19 (Reservoir Operation- RESOP )
    • TR-20 (Project Formulation Hydrology; available but not supported)
    • WinTR-20 (Windows version of TR-20)
    • NRCS Geo-Hydro (ArcView GIS Interface to WinTR-20)
    • TR-55 (Urban Hydrology for Small Watersheds; available but not supported)
    • WinTR-55 (Windows version of TR-55) (Atlas 14 rainfall work-around)
    • Frequency Curves (Frequency Curve Determination via Bulletin 17b)
    • EFH2 (Peak Discharge Determination)
    • TR-64 (Floodway Determination; available but not supported)
    • TR-66 (Simplified Dam Breach Routing Procedure; available but not supported)
    • WSP2 (Water Surface Profile Computation & User Guide; available but not supported)
  • EFH-2 "Engineering Field Handbook, Chapter 2"

    SOILS.ZIP  Version 1.1.0 (March 2003)  (ASCII; 14 KB)
           Extract the file SOILS.HG from the ZIP file.  This file is to be placed in the EFH-2 program directory.  Ohio Rainfall file for EFH-2 (ASCII; 4KB)
           This file is to be unzipped into the EFH-2 program directory.
           Note: NOAA Atlas 14 updated to 2 decimals to match national database. Last Updated 10-10-12

  • Illinois Engineering Spreadsheets
    NOTE:  Spreadsheets contained on the Illinois site are not CCE certified.  Read the Notice at the top of the page.  Contains the Hydraulics Formulas program, a Windows version of the hydraulic formulas found in the Ohio Engineering Programs
  • Indiana Engineering Spreadsheets   
    NOTE:  Spreadsheets contained on the Indiana site may not be CCE certified.  Read the disclaimer statement at the top of the page.
  • Ohio Engineering Software (Collection of DOS-based programs authored by C. Liezert, retired NRCS-Ohio Engineer)
    NOTE: These programs are not compatible with Windows 7.