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contest Rules

Digital Photo Contest Rules

The following document requires Adobe Acrobat.

Adobe Acrobat documentStep-by-Step Contest Rules (142 Kb)

Contest Rules
  • Seasonal Photos of conservation activities
  • Open to all NRCS-Ohio employees
  • Four (4) winners each year, one (1) for each season. Winners will be featured in the Conservation Matters newsletter
  • Photos will be judged on originality, subject matter, technical quality (focus and exposure), and visual appeal
  • Photos may be used for publications, displays, presentations, website, etc.
  • Submit photos by sending an E-mail message to Dianne Johnson with the Subject: [season] Photo Contest
  • Time periods:
    • Winter – January, February, March
    • Spring – April, May, June
    • Summer – July, August, September
    • Fall – October, November, December
  • Camera Settings – Set the camera to the best possible quality (SQI 1600x1200 ppi minimum). Do not manipulate photos on the computer. Original digital photos only.
  • Information needed:
    • County photo taken in
    • Photographer's name
    • Date
    • Brief description
    • Farmer’s name (if taken on specific farm)
    • Name(s) of people in photo
  • Types (Categories) of Photos
    • The current list can be found on the Ohio Photo Gallery home page.
    • Additional categories (to be added as photos become available) may include:
      • Conservation Planning
      • Conservation Tillage
      • Irrigation
      • Natural Disasters
      • Pest Management
      • Sediment
      • Urban
      • Windbreaks
Add Specific Information to Your Digital Photo Properties
  1. Depiction of the General Properties of an Image FileStart My Computer
  2. Select the Drive your photos are in (i.e., C, H, etc.)
  3. Locate the directory your photos are in
  4. Arrow over the file name and right click
  5. Select Properties
  6. In the General Tab, you will see information like file name, size, and date created.















  1. Depiction of the Summary tab of the Image Properties dialog boxSelect the Summary Tab (Simple view)

    If this is not the window you see, change to Simple View (by clicking on the  <<Simple  button).

  2. This is the area to complete the necessary information, location, description, farm, etc.