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NRCSOH05129sm.jpg (744 KB) 
Chris Coulon,
Darke County

WRP site used for duck hunting

NRCSOH05189sm.jpg (373978 bytes)
Bob Parkinson,
Franklin County

Fly fishing in Darby Creek

NRCSOH06012sm.jpg (698740 bytes)
Bob First,
Washington County

Delta Queen on the Ohio River

NRCSOH06118sm.jpg (345746 bytes)
Steve Davis,
Lake County

Boating on Lake Erie

NRCSOH06122sm.jpg (1826218 bytes)
Bob Parkinson,
Fairfield County

Fishing in Rush Creek Lake

NRCSOH06126sm.jpg (520085 bytes)
Steve Davis,
Lake County

Parasailor on Lake Erie

NRCSOH06127sm.jpg (888370 bytes)
Steve Davis,
Lake County

Parasailors on Lake Erie