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Photo Category- PastureĀ 

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Category- Pasture

NRCSOH05017sm.jpg (808409 bytes)
 David Libben,
Fairfield County

Feeding beef cattle on Heavy Use Pad

NRCSOH05204sm.jpg (935713 bytes)
Kevin Swope
Caroll County

Idled, poorly managed pasture undergoing plant succession

NRCSOH05206sm.jpg (1068201 bytes)
Chris Coulon
Gallia County

Access road to upslope feeding area for livestock

NRCSOH05259sm.jpg (640959 bytes)
Andy Bayham,
Stark County

High-tensile fence with double-H corner bracing

NRCSOH06134sm.jpg (1482210 bytes)
Johnnie Freeman
Seneca County

Bob Hendershot showing soil structure

NRCSOH07060sm.jpg (1099568 bytes)
Wendell Swartzentruber,
Ashland County

High tensile fence

NRCSOH07099sm.jpg (1932399 bytes)
Christina Coulon,
Logan County

DC Bob Stoll demonstrates the difference in pastures in a rotational grazing system