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Volunteering Through the Camera Lens

Graduate student Alex Snyder is an Ohio Earth Team volunteer who finds inspiration through the lens of his camera.  While completing his graduate degree at Ohio University's Office of Sustainability, Alex found time to volunteer his photographic talents by capturing Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack’s visits to Ohio.  Alex has served as Secretary Vilsack’s Ohio photographer on four separate occasions as an Earth Team volunteer.

Alex learned at a young age the value of volunteering from his grandparents who volunteered for years in the Ohio park system.  Alex’s love of photography began while spending his summers helping park officials and visitors in Ohio’s Hocking Hills, one of the most naturally diverse Appalachian regions.  “At 12 years old, I took up photography and found an inspiration to succeed that has proved to be my ticket to see the world,” Alex said.

Alex not only volunteers with NRCS, but with the Friends of Hocking Hills, a non-profit organization benefiting the Hocking Hills region.  As an ex-Officio officer for the Friends of Hocking Hills, he is currently working on both a print and interactive book celebrating the area.  Alex also serves as acting Social Media Coordinator for The Photo Society, a group of over 80 National Geographic photographers.  If that’s not enough on his plate, Alex has started a successful business in commercial, wildlife, and conservation photography. 

While earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Photojournalism, Alex purposely took challenging and diverse courses to build a comprehensive knowledge base in preparation for a demanding career.  He has earned a specialty in Biological Sciences and mastered scientific writing skills as well as studying Interactive Multimedia.  Alex is interested in so many areas, but what he tries to do is blend all of his interests into being a well-rounded photographer.

Photography has taken Alex from grizzly bears in Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula to the street life of Edinburgh, Scotland; he has traveled the world with photography as his catalyst.  Alex says, “My life-long goal is to work and grace the covers of National Geographic.”  NRCS has benefitted greatly from Alex’s talents and willingness to join the Earth Team Volunteer Program.  With his perseverance and accomplishments to date, National Geographic is definitely on Alex’s horizon.

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