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Composting Facility

A composting facility. Click photo for full screen view

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Practice Code: 317
Reporting Unit: Number (No.)

A facility to process raw manure or other raw organic by-products into biologically stable organic material.

Purposes and Benefits

  • Protects air quality
  • Protects soil quality
  • Protects water quality
  • Improves air quality

Conservation Practice Documents

Field Office Technical GuideDocuments associated with this and other conservation practices are available at the NRCS Field Office Technical Guide web site.


Related Conservation Practices

This practice is commonly used in a Conservation Management System with practices such as:

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Nutrient Management
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Additional Information

The following web sites provide additional information related to this conservation practice.

Cornell Composting - Cornell University
Cornell Waste Management Institute - Cornell University
Field Guide to On-Farm Composting
Soils and Compost - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service (ATTRA)

If you want to learn how you can protect natural resources on your farm or forestland, please contact your local NRCS Service Center.


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