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Irrigation Practices

A microirrigation system conserves water by applying it directly to the root zone of the plant

Many conservation practices related to irrigation are applied together. Links to these practices are provided below.

Irrigation Pipeline (430)
Irrigation System, Microirrigation (441)
Irrigation Water Management (449)

Related Conservation Practices

These practices are commonly used in a Conservation Management System with practices such as:

Irrigation Pipeline (430)
Pond (378)
Water Well (642)

Conservation Activity Plans (CAP)

The Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) offers financial assistance for payment of practices and conservation activities involving the development of plans appropriate for the eligible land. The conservation practice associated with plan development is known as a “Conservation Activity Plan” or CAP.

Irrigation Water Management Plan (118)

If you want to learn how you can protect natural resources on your farm or forest land, please contact your local NRCS Service Center.


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