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Waste Transfer

A pump truck used to clean alleys in a barn

Practice Code: 634
Reporting Unit: Number (No.)

A conveyance system using structures, conduits, or equipment to transfer animal manure to a storage/treatment facility, holding area, or for application to agricultural land.

Purposes and Benefits

When used as part of an integrated animal waste management system:

  • Protects surface and groundwater quality
  • Improves soil quality through the introduction of organic matter, improved tilth, and increase soil moisture for plant growth

Conservation Practice Documents

Web link image: Field Office Technical GuideAll support documents associated with this and other conservation practices are available at the NRCS Field Office Technical Guide web site.


Related Conservation Practices

This practice is commonly used in a Conservation Management System with practices such as:

Nutrient Management (590)
Solid/Liquid Waste Separation Facility (632)
Waste Recycling (633)
Waste Storage Facility (313)
Waste Treatment (629)
Waste Treatment Lagoon (359)

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