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Engineering Field Handbook, Part Two - Storm Distribution Regions

Quad Index Map - New York

This map shows the new four Storm Distribution Regions that should be used with the new county rainfall tables for the new Engineers Field Handbook, Part 2 (EFH-2) method. When watersheds are close to the boundary of the regions, the appropriate quad map can be examined to determine the appropriate storm region to use. Conservative design would use the higher region (A over B for instance) when the region cannot be determined with confidence. Specific design can be done with Win TR-20 where a more precise prediction is desired. The Win TR-20 software and training materials can be downloaded from NRCS's Hydrology and Hydraulics Web page.

Other Maps and Data

Hydrologic Soil Groups
Sub-county Rainfall Areas

Update: July 21, 2016

The Storm Distribution Regions map has been disabled while updated Quad maps are being loaded on the server and links are applied to a revised New York State map key.

A SharePoint announcement and New York Bulletin will be published when the new maps are available.

Until the new maps are available, the old maps can be downloaded in an Adobe .pdf file that contains all of the Quad maps, a New York State map key, and the list of Quad maps in numerical order.

Please note the page numbers of the Quad maps in the file are off by seven pages due to the first pages being occupied by the key map and Quad lists.

The following document requires Adobe Reader.

Storm Distribution Regions (PDF; 47 MB)


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Date: May 30, 2012
Map created by: NRCS New York Geotechnology Team
Source Data: US Census - County Boundaries
Distribution Regions - NRCS National Technical Support Center

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