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Dollars and Sense in Conservation - Introduction


The Natural Resources Conservation Service has reprinted, with permission from the University of California, S.V. Ciriacy-Wantnup's 1951 California Agricultural Experiment Station Circular, "Dollars and Sense in Conservation."

Ciriacy-Wantnup, a pioneer in resource economics, explained how economic principles help us understand the conservation behavior of farmers and ranchers. Knowing these principles is still important, not just to the resource economist, but to anyone involved in furthering conservation on agricultural lands.

It is remarkable, after more than 40 years, how timely and relevant the topics and issues remain. To fill the need for a better understanding of farmer and rancher behavior, the Natural Resources Conservation Service is making the content of the original circular available to its employees and others in the conservation field, in a Web page format.

Table of Contents

About Dollars and Sense in Conservation

The content of this Web page is from a reprinted circular named "Dollars and Sense in Conservation" By: S.V. Ciriacy-Wantrup University of California Agricultural Experiment Station, Circular 402, January 1951.

Reprint of 1951 circular: Resource Economics and Social Sciences Publication 95-1, August 1995

Mr. Wantrup is Professor of Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Economist in the Experiment Station and on the Giannini Foundation.

The content of the 1951 circular is based on the author's book, Economics and Policies in Resource Conservation. Readers who are interested in a fuller and more technical presentation of the matters discussed here are referred to the book, which deals also with other types of resources than those covered here.

All images contained in these web pages were electronically scanned from the original publication.

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