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Cross Wind Trap Strips

Cross wind trap strips (vegetated areas) applied in a field between cross wind ridges to trap airborne soil particles

Practice Code: 589C
Reporting Unit: Acre (Ac.)

Cross wind trap strips consist of herbaceous cover resistant to wind erosion established in one or more strips across the prevailing wind erosion direction

Purposes and Benefits

  • Reduces soil erosion
  • Reduces sediment deposition
  • Improves soil health
  • Improves crop yields
  • Provides wildlife habitat

Conservation Practice Documents

Web link image: Field Office Technical GuideDocuments associated with this and other conservation practices are available at the NRCS Field Office Technical Guide web site.


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This practice is commonly used in a Conservation Management System with practices such as:

Contour Farming (330)
Cross Wind Ridges (588)
Stripcropping (585)

If you want to learn how you can protect natural resources on your farm or forestland, please contact your local NRCS office.

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