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Past Success Stories

Shrubland Success in Clinton County
One WRP Permanent Easement Passes the Test
An EQIP Forestry Initiative Success Story
Agricultural Management Assistance (AMA) Improves Farmer's Irrigation System
Volunteers Step Up to Help Farmers Maintain New Trees Within Stream Buffers
Sightings of Declining Bird Species Increase as Landowner Improves Habitat
Seasonal High Tunnel Success Results in Food Bounty to Be Shared
Rensselaer County Dairy Farm Implements Wetlands Reserve Program
Diverse Organic Farm Sees Growing Success with Help from Conservation Program
Record Number of Acres Restored for Protection of Bog Turtle
Improving Grasslands Through Enrollment in WHIP
Micro-irrigation Provides Precise Application of Water and Nutrients
Grazing System and CRP Help Effort to Keep Chesapeake Bay Productive
Working with Seneca Nation to Improve Declining Habitat on Tribal Land
Partnering Benefits Local Community
Agricultural Water Enhancement Program Protects NYC Drinking Water
Replacing Irrigation Engines and Improving Air Quality in Suffolk County
Amy’s Apples Aren’t Pretty and She Likes Them That Way
Conservation Partners Use USDA Programs in a Collaborative Effort to Assist Local Farms
Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program Attracts New Residents to Lime Hollow Center
Marsh Restoration Has Wildlife's 'Seal' of Approval
Irrigation Efficiency Provides Soil, Water, and Energy Conservation
USDA-NRCS Works With Landowners to Improve Wildlife Habitat
Bugbee Children’s Center Students Experience a Day On the Farm
No-Till and Residue Management Helps Improve Water Quality Concerns
Cover Crops Benefit Water Quality in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed
Program Keeps Your Backyard 'Green' Through Any Season
Conservation Partnerships Resulting in Conservation On the Ground
Farm Continues Reputation for Excellent Work and Stewardship of the Land
Working With Seneca Nation to Improve Declining Habitat on Tribal Land
Grape Vine Nursery Works With Conservation Partners to Protect Air and Water Quality
Dairy Farm Installs Several Conservation Practices to Protect and Improve Water Quality
Food Pantry Farm Wants You!
Got Manure? Enhancing Environmental and Economic Sustainability
New York Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative Teaching Multi-livestock Species Grazing in the Champlain Watershed
Stafford Farm Honored - Receives "Conservation Farm of the Year" Award
Orchard Installs Agrichemical Handling Facility with Help from USDA-NRCS
Storage Facility Addresses Waste Concerns, Reduces Environmental Impacts

Media Contact

Angela VanDyke, Acting Public Affairs Specialist
Syracuse, New York
Telephone: 315-477-6504
E-mail: Angela VanDyke