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Food Pantry Farm Wants You!

Web image: Uncle Sam

Web imahe: An outside dining table set up near the Food Panty Farm gardens

We grow food that we donate to five local food pantries. We intensively farm three acres in East Hampton, Long Island. We are organic, transitioning to biodynamic.

Food Pantry Farm is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity looking for two to four interns to work with our staff and volunteers. We grow just about everything from arugula to zucchini. We focus on nutrition, and plan on doing cooking demonstrations at the farm and at the food pantries we serve. Everyone on our small farm does everything: sowing, weeding, harvesting, packing, and delivering. It really could be a terrific learning opportunity, working with people who believe in what we do. You will also leave with enough information and experience to start a Food Pantry Farm in your community.

A view of the Food Pantry Farm fields

Paid Internship Summer 2012

  • Housing available from May to August
  • Weekly stipend included for all interns

E-mail for more information

Media Contact: Public Affairs 315-477-6524