News Release

NRCS to Assess Sandy Flood Plain Easement Needs

Peter Gibbs, Easement Programs Coordinator

The President signed the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act, 2013 [PL 113-2 (127 Stat. 4)] to improve and streamline disaster assistance for Hurricane Sandy. The Emergency Watershed Protection Program – Flood Plain Easements (EWPP-FPE) was identified as one way to deliver assistance.

The following New York State counties are eligible: Bronx, Greene, Kings, Nassau, Orange, Putnam, Queens, Rockland, Suffolk, Sullivan, Ulster, and Westchester.

Eligible Land for Sandy Flood Plain Easement Enrollment must be:

Lands within a floodplain that have been damaged by Hurricane Sandy.
Note: Lands subject to tidal influence, storm wave action, or tidal storm surge alone are not eligible for enrollment in EWPP-FPE.

  1. Other lands within the floodplain that would contribute to the restoration of flood storage and flow, provide for control of erosion, or that would improve the practical management of the floodplain easement may be included.

Visit the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Map Viewer to determine if your land is eligible.

  1. Lands within FEMA Flood Zones V, VE, and V1-30 are ineligible for EWPP-FPE
  2. Lands without documented Sandy damage are ineligible
  3. Lands subject to tidal influence, storm wave action, or tidal storm surge alone are not eligible for enrollment in EWPP-FPE.

EWPP-Flood Plain Easement land use categories

Easement compensation, ranking priorities, and acquisition requirements for EWPP-FPE will vary, based on land use. Two primary land use categories will be used:

  1. Agricultural lands and Other Lands without structures. (Sponsor not required)
  2. Lands with structures. (Sponsor required)

The USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is evaluating potential floodplain easements in New York. Floodplains can provide significant protection from flood damages to downstream landowners. The easements would severely limit future uses of the floodplain areas, keeping them available to store floodwater.

EWPP-FPE authorizes NRCS to purchase permanent easements on eligible lands and restore the floodplain functions and values on the easement area to their natural conditions to the greatest extent practicable.

This is not a EWPP-FPE sign up notice. It is only an assessment of potential EWPP-FPE funding needs. Funds are not yet available. Important: All eligible land must have documented Hurricane Sandy damage that was not the result of tidal influence, storm wave action or tidal storm surge.