NRCS New York Special Emphasis Programs

The term "Special Emphasis Programs" (SEP) refers to those programs which focus special attention on certain specific underrepresented groups as a result of a particular law, regulation, and/or Executive Order. Special Emphasis Programs have been initiated to address the employment-related or program concerns of groups not specifically included in other programs.

Special emphasis activities and support are an integral part of the civil rights program at the Natural Resources Conservation Service. Within their respective programs, Special Emphasis Program Managers (SEPM) assist the State Conservationist, to ensure that equal opportunity is present in all aspects of NRCS programs and services. This includes assisting the State Conservationist to provide leadership to identify under representation and ensure positive actions are being taken to address any such problem areas.

Special Emphasis Program Managers assist the State Conservationist to provide advice and assistance to management officials in order to help them meet civil rights program goals and objectives. They also assist the State Conservationist to ensure effective communications among all persons and areas dealing with, or affected by, agency civil rights responsibilities.

NRCS New York Special Emphasis Programs

American Indian/Alaskan Native Special Emphasis Program (AI/AN)
Asian American/Pacific Islanders Special Emphasis Program (AA/PI)
Black Special Emphasis Program (BEP)
Disability Special Emphasis Program (DEP)
Federal Women's Program (FWP)
Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender Special Emphasis Program (LGBT)
Hispanic Special Emphasis Program (HEP)
Veterans Special Emphasis Program (VEP)

Special Emphasis Program Managers
Name Title/Location Telephone
John Whitney, American Indian/Alaskan Native Heritage SEPM District Conservationist,
Manila Khounchaleun, Asian American/Pacific Islander Heritage SEPM Archeologist, Syracuse 315-477-6530
Annie Green, Black / African American Heritage SEPM Resource Conservationist, Ballston Spa 518-885-6300
Oscar Velez-Juarbe, Disability SEPM Resource Conservationist, Millbrook 845-677-3194 Extension 107
Erin Paczkowski, Federal Women's Program SEPM Soil Conservationist, Waverly 607-565-3454
Susan Caggiano, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender SEPM Secretary, Syracuse 325-477-6547
Zenick Crespo, Hispanic Heritage SEPM District Conservationist, Malone 518-483-4061 Extension 108
Jim Pullano, Veterans SEPM Resource Conservationist, Canton 315-386-2401 Extension 4

Special Emphasis Observances Implemented by Public Law

African-American/Black History Month (February)
Asian Pacific Heritage Month (May)
National Disability Employment Awareness (October)
National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 - October 15)
National Native American/Indian Month (November)
National Women’s History Month (March)