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Web Soil Survey

Web Soil Survey Makes Soil Survey Maps Available Online

Soil survey maps for much of Nevada and nearly two-thirds of the Nation are now available online with no downloads and no special software other than your internet browser. Visit the Web Soil Survey website and follow the 3 easy steps to view soil data for Nevada or the nation:

  1. Define your area of interest
  2. View the soil map
  3. Explore the data

The new Website is operated by NRCS and will provide access to the largest natural resource information system in the world.  NRCS is responsible for producing the country’s soil surveys.  The agency also leads the National Cooperative Soil Survey, a partnership of state and federal agencies and groups that work together to cooperatively collect, classify, interpret, and disseminate soil information.

Read the USDA press release for the new Web Soil Survey.


The following documents require Acrobat Reader

Nevada Soil Survey status map (PDF; 37KB)
Nevada Soil Survey Area list (PDF; 8KB)
MLRA status map (PDF; 367KB)
MO3 Soil Survey Area List (PDF; 11KB)

People without computer access will be able to acquire soil survey information from any NRCS field service center or by going to the local library.  The NRCS - NV directory has the address and phone number of the field service center nearest you.  You can also send an e-mail request to have a printed soil survey sent you.

For those those counties that are not available on Web Soil Survey, downloads and reports are still available from the Soil Data Mart.


If you have questions with the status maps or need the information in an alternative format, please contact Lucas Wiseley, GIS Specialist,  (775) 857-8500 x 126.  If you have problems with this Web page contact, Rose Santos, Webmaster, (775) 857-8500 x 130.