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NRCS Nevada Office Directory                          Employee Phone Directory

Nevada State Office                        

Field Offices

Great Basin Plant Materials Center


Nevada State Office

1365 Corporate Blvd. (click on address for location map)
Reno, NV 89502-7102
(775) 857-8500 - Telephone
(855) 816-0893 - Toll Free Fax

State Conservationist Office

Ray Dotson, State Conservationist
Jonnie Eyler, Executive Assistant/Visual Information Specialist/LRA


Administrative Office

Dennis Workeman, Assistant State Conservationist for Management and Strategy (ASTC-MS)
Mani Gomez, Financial Resource Specialist
Margarita Liebel, Contracting Officer
Daniel Gilbert, Purchasing Agent
Jennifer Hesselgesser, Business Service Specialist

Area Resource Conservationist

Jarrod Edmunds, Area Resource Conservationist



Vinh Hoang, State Conservation Engineer
Carmella Irwin, Assistant State Engineer\Civil Engineer
Jeff Anderson, Snow Survey Hydrologist
Rolf Swainston, Civil Engineer
Julia Knight Grim, Geologist (CA/NV)


Information Technology

Sam Liu, Information Technology Specialist
Chris Frank, Information Technology Specialist



Sharon Nance, Regional Outreach Coordinator


Programs Management

Gary Roeder, Assistant State Conservationist - Programs (ASTC-P)
Paulette Balliette, Natural Resource Specialist
Susan Looper, Technical Resource Conservationist


Public Affairs

Heather Emmons, State Public Affairs Officer


Resource Technology

William Elder, State Resource Conservationist (SRC)
Patti Novak-Echenique, State Rangeland Management Specialist
Charles Armitage, Archeologist
Thad Heater, State Biologist
Albert Mulder, State Agronomist
Steven Ponte, Environmental-Vegetation Assistant
Nicole DeMartini, Environmental-Vegetation Assistant
Jasmine Kleiber, Wildlife Biologist (NDOW)


Tom Champa, State Soil Scientist
John B. Fisher, Sr. Regional Soil Scientist
Erin Hourihan, Range Management Specialist

Field Offices

Caliente Service Center

360 Lincoln Street
P.O. Box 8
Caliente, NV 89008-0008
(775) 726-3101
(855) 816-0893 - Toll Free Fax

Cory Lytle, District Conservationist
Launa Chouquer, Office Assistant

Elko Service Center

555 West Silver Street
Elko, NV 89801
(775) 738-8431
(855) 816-0893 - Toll Free Fax

Debbie Brackley, Area Conservationist
Rebecca Powell, Administrative Assistant

Jaime Jasmine, District Conservationist
Kory Kulinsky, Rangeland Management Specialist
Chuck Petersen, Range Conservationist
Paul Blackburn, MLRA Soil Survey Leader
Brien Park, Soil Scientist
Aaron Romesser, Rangeland Conservationist
Jacey Molyneux, Office Assistant
Rachelle Peppers, Biologist/Range Conservationist, Pheasant Forever
Amanda O'Donnell, Biologist/Range Conservationist, Pheasants Forever
Chase Scheffler, Rangeland Management Specialist
Logan Jensen, Engineer


Ely Service Center

744 E. North Industrial Way
Ely, Nevada 89315
(775) 289-4065
(855) 816-0893 - Toll Free Fax

Mailing Address:
HC33, Box 33451
Ely, NV 89301

Cory Lytle, District Conservationist
Edward Sturges, Soil Conservation Technician
Nicole Bolton, Agricultural Engineer
Jamie Barnson, Office Assistant
Mark Mazza, Rangeland Management Specialist


Fallon Service Center

111 Sheckler Road
Fallon, NV 89406-8951
(775) 423-5124
(855) 816-0893 - Toll Free Fax

Debra Hoffmann, Area Conservationist
Jennifer Hesselgesser, Administrative Program Specialist

Lex Riggle, District Conservationist
Allen Moody, Soil Conservationist
Marcia Evans, Office Assistant
Jackie Bogdanowicz, District Employee


Las Vegas Service Center

7080 La Cienega Street, Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 407-1400
(855) 816-0893 - Toll Free Fax

Teri Knight, District Conservationist
Doug Merkler, Resource Soil Scientist


Leon Lato, Soil Scientist


Lovelock Service Center

1155 Lovelock Avenue
Lovelock, NV 89419-8860
(775) 273-2134, 7949
(855) 816-0893 - Toll Free Fax

Christie Scilacci, District Conservationist


Minden Service Center

Hickey Building
1702 County Road, Suite A1
Minden, NV 89423-4460
(775) 782-3661
(855) 816-0893 - Toll Free Fax

Jim Gifford, District Conservationist
Miriam Blanchette, Office Assistant
Dave Doughty, Civil Engineer
Trina Johnson, Soil Conservationist
Jessica Gwerder, Soil Conservationist
Katrina Krause, Wildlife Biologist Partner, USFWS
Matt Cole, Soil Scientist
Chris Savastio, MLRA Soil Survey Leader
Harry House, Program Assistant
Paul Pugsley, District Coordinator
Mike Hayes, District Employee
Rich Wilkinson, District Employee


Winnemucca Service Center

1200 Winnemucca Blvd., East
Winnemucca, NV 89445-3027
(775) 623-5025
(855) 816-0893 - Toll Free Fax

Andy Laca, District Conservationist
Leah Mori, Soil Conservationist Technician
Georgia Turner, Agricultural Engineer
Jasmyne Herrera, Administrative Assistant


Yerington Service Center

215 West Bridge St., Suite 11-A
Yerington, NV 89447-2554
(775) 463-2265
(855) 816-0893 - Toll Free Fax

Ed Biggs, District Conservationist
Angela Mushrush, Soil Conservationist
Tracey Jean Wolfe, Rangeland Management Specialist
Bill Conlin, Soil Conservation Technician
Krystina Joyner, Office Assistant
Paul (ED) Ryan, District Manager
Ron Melen, District Employee
Paula Barstow, Program Assistant



Great Basin Plant Materials Center

2055 Schurz Highway
Fallon, Nevada
(775) 423-7957
(855) 816-0893 - Toll Free Fax

Eric Eldredge, PMC Manager
Mathew Humphrey, Biological Science Technician

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