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Meadow Valley Wash Technical Review Team

Last Modified: 02/09/2011

Meadow Valley Wash Post Flood Damage Assessment and Recommendations (posted 1/13/2011)

As requested at our TRT meeting, attached are Web sites for weather data. These sites provide real-time data and are useful for monitoring storm events, etc.  Please feel free to send me an e-mail with any questions.

**These documents below are very large so excerpts are provided.  To obtain a full version, contact: Jim Gatzke, NRCS District Conservationist, at (775) 726-3101.
The following documents require Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Word.

Big Spring Spinedace Recovery Plan (PDF; 1.4MB) **
Big Spring Spinedace Reasearch-Longhurst (PDF; 412KB)
Complete MVW Final 8-31-07 (PDF; 380KB) **
Condor Canyon-A Biological and Cultural Summary (PDF; 608KB) **
Condor Canyon Habitat Management Plan (PDF; 1.2MB) **
Caliente Resource Area Erosion Sites Baseline Data Monitoring (PDF; 214KB) **
Ground-Water Appraisal Of The Meadow Valley Area (PDF; 1.4MB) **
Meadow Valley Wash Post-Flood Damage Assessment Recommendations (PDF; 166KB) **
Meadow Valley Wash Range Survey Report (PDF; 72.6KB) **
Meadow Valley Post Flood Report (PDF; 685KB)
Conservation Area Assessment Executive Summary (PDF; 344KB) **

Lincoln County Awareness Mapping TSDN
    Meeting Minutes & Reports
    Contract Report Index (DOC; 43KB)
    Meeting Notes Jan. 5 2006 (PDF; 85.7KB)
    Meeting Notes Sept. 6 2006 (PDF; 85KB)
    Hydrologic Analyses Index (DOC; 53KB)

Condor Canyon Geomorphic Assess (PDF; 5.86MB)
Mojave-Southern RAC Standards and Guidelines (DOC; 63KB)
2005 Fish Survey Results (DOC; 1.3MB)
Watershed Assessment Methodology (DOC; 27KB)
Ely Executive Summary (PDF; 3.8MB)
Fact Sheet 2006-Flooding in Clark/Lincoln Counties, December 2004 and January 2005 (PDF; 840KB)
News Release-Flooding Sets Records in Places in Southern NV, Southern UT and NW AZ (PDF; 58.8KB)
MVW Data Document - 11/28/2006 (DOC; 33.5KB)
MVW TRT 2006 Kickoff (PDF; 130KB)
MVW Watershed Plan - Part 1 2000 (PDF; 2.3MB)
MVW Watershed Plan - Part 2 2000 (PDF; 1.73MB)
MVW Final Baseline Ecological Assessment (PDF; 3.4MB)
MVW Site Assessment for Flood Risk Improvement - Caliente, NV (PDF; 733KB)

For information about this partnership, please contact Jim Gatzke, NRCS District Conservationist, at (775) 726-3101.

We would be pleased to provide information on this Web site in an alternative format, if needed.  Please contact Jonnie Eyler, Webmaster, or Liz Warner, Public Affairs Officer, at (775) 857-8500. 

If you experience problems with this Web site, we would appreciate hearing from you.