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Evaluating Irrigation Pumping Plant Efficiencies

Pumping PlantIn an effort to get a handle on pumping plant efficiency and associated operating costs, an increasing number of agricultural producers are taking advantage of the Conservation Stewardship Program. Irrigation Pumping Plant Evaluation is one of many enhancement activities available through CSP. Under this activity, an irrigation pumping plant performance test is conducted to measure power consumption and the volume of water produced in order to determine overall pumping plant efficiency. The Irrigation Pumping Plant Evaluation must be performed by a trained service provider using appropriate testing equipment. The service provider provides the producer with a report that includes information on present pumping plant efficiency, potential efficiency, present energy use, and an estimate of energy and cost savings if improvements are implemented. Recent evaluations show that improvements can increase efficiency up to 30 percent, saving up to $6,000 each year on a single pumping plant.