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Civil Rights Addendum for Position Descriptions

For convenience and information we have provided an addendum for position descriptions for members of the civil rights advisory committee, (Officers and SEPM's). 





As the Nevada Interagency Civil Rights Advisory Committee (NICRAC) member, the incumbent is responsible to the Deputy Equal Opportunity Officer (DEOO) for the performance of duties in connection with the NICRAC.

Approximately five - twenty percent of the incumbent’s time may be spent on NICRAC duties.  Immediate supervision in the primary assignment is received from __NAME_, employee’s immediate supervisor; however technical guidance and program coordination in the organization unit is received from STC, DEOO, or Assistant State Conservationist.

The incumbent assists the NICRAC in:

  1. Advising the DEOO on matter in the development and operation of the Civil Rights Program, soliciting from supervisors and employees suggestions on all phases of the Civil Rights Program, and making recommendations to the DEOO.

  2. The NICRAC provides feedback on the progress of the Civil Rights Program and advises DEOO on the development and implementation of civil rights plans and progress reports, identifies emerging program areas needing attention, and serves as a vehicle to develop and promote the Civil Rights Program among all employees.

  3. The NICRAC develops an annual Plan of Operations that reflects the objectives shown in the Affirmative Employment Plan.

  4. All NICRAC members submit articles for publication on the NICRAC webpage and make presentations at meetings and workshops.

  5. Demonstrates knowledge and support of the equal employment opportunity and civil rights policy.  Performs all duties in a manner which consistently demonstrates fairness, cooperation and respect toward coworkers, office visitors, and all others in the performance of official business.  Provides technical assistance proportionately without regard to race, color, national origin, religions, sex, age or handicap.

The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding is to clarify the relationship that exists among the hereinafter named employee, the employee’s supervisor, and the DEOO while the employee is performing collateral duties as the __Officer or SEPM Title__ of the NICRAC. 

It is understood and agreed that these collateral duties will initially require approximately five percent of the employee’s official time in the performance thereof and will be increased or decrease (up to 20 percent) in accordance with a workload analysis and or emerging program needs.  It is further understood and agreed that:

While administrative supervision will remain the same in the primary assignment, the incumbent will receive work assignments directly from the DEOO.  Clerical support and office facilities will be provided by area and/or state office.  The incumbent will report directly to the DEOO and will keep the DEOO informed of new program initiatives, special projects, and all other matters affecting the civil rights program management.  Technical guidance will be provided by the DEOO, who will ensure that special emphasis activities are integrated into the overall civil rights program.

  1. The incumbent’s duties with regard to membership of the NICRAC will become a performance element on incumbent’s performance appraisal addressing his or her committee responsibility.  The DEOO will appraise the incumbent’s performance as a member of the NICRAC annually.
  2. While performing these collateral duties, the employee will notify the immediate supervisor before leaving the primary assigned duties and will keep the supervisor informed of whereabouts and estimated time of return to primary duties.
  3. In case of any disagreement between the employee and immediate supervisor as to the priority of these collateral duties, the DEOO will resolve these difficulties to ensure a harmonious work relationship.
  4. Incumbent serves in the capacity of advisor of the Nevada Interagency Civil Rights Advisory Committee through __DATE__.

This Memorandum of Understanding is prepared in accordance with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management FPM Letter No. 713-37 dated May 20, 1997.  It should be placed in the Official Personnel File of the collateral duty employee.

Acknowledgement and understanding of this memorandum is attested to by affixing my signature below:


____________________________________                     _________________________

NAME (Officer or SEPM Title)                                        DATE


____________________________________                     _________________________

NAME (SUPERVISOR)                                                   DATE


____________________________________                      _________________________

NAME) (CR LIAISON OFFCR.)                                         DATE


_____________________________________                    _________________________

NAME (DEOO)                                                             DATE