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NICRAC Program Mgrs.

Nevada Interagency Civil Rights Advisory Committee and Special Emphasis Program Managers

The Nevada Interagency Civil Rights Advisory Committee is here to serve the employees and customers of the USDA's Farm Service and Natural Resources Conservation Service agencies.

Committee Officers

Pete Armitage, Acting Chair (3-year Term - Appointed 1/1/2016)
NRCS Reno State Office - (775) 857-8500 ext. 132
1365 Corporate Blvd.

Reno, NV 89502

Pete Armitage, Secretary (3-year Term - Appointed 11/3/2014)
NRCS Reno State Office - (775) 857-8500 ext. 132
1365 Corporate Blvd.

Reno, NV 89502

NRCS/FSA Advisors

Bill Elder, NRCS Nevada State Office - (775) 857-8500 ext. 104
Dennis Workeman, NRCS Nevada State Office - (775) 857-8500 ext. 110
Dan Rybicky, FSA Nevada State Office - (775) 784-5411 ext. 112

Click here for more information on the Nevada Interagency Civil Rights Advisory Committee. (Minutes, Bylaws, Calendar etc.)


NRCS Special Emphasis Programs


Special Emphasis activities and support are integral part of the Civil Rights Program at the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). Within their respective programs, Special Emphasis Program Managers (SEPM's) assist management with issues concerning employment and advancement of the group they represent. This is a collateral duty assignment. 

SEPM activities may include:

  • Planning, implementing, and monitoring the program.
  • Participating in recruitment to help eliminate employment under-representation.
  • Providing advice to management in developing and carrying out effective affirmative employment plans.
  • Providing information to all employees and informing them of the program activities.
  • Advising management on new and changing program needs.

More information on the role of the SEPM ...
NRCS Policy regarding Special Emphasis Programs - (Title 230 - Part 403)

Special Emphasis Program Managers  (Appointments are made on a collateral-duty basis for a minimum of 3 years and may be renewed each year thereafter, not to exceed 5 years total)

  • American Indian/Alaskan Native Program (AI/ANP)

AIANP Manager (appointed xx/xx): Vacant, NRCS Nevada State Office - (775) 857-8500 ext.

  • Asian American/Pacific Islander Emphasis Program (AA/PIEP)

AA/PIEP Manager (appointed 11/14): Vinh Hoang, NRCS Ely Field Office - (775) 289-4065 ext. 105

  • Black Emphasis Program (BEP) 

BEP Manager (appointed 1/16): Dennis Workeman, NRCS Nevada State Office - (775) 857-8500 ext. 110

  • Disability Emphasis Program (DEP)

DEP Manager (appointed 7/13): Bill Elder, NRCS Nevada State Office - (775) 857-8500 ext. 104

  • Federal Women's Program (FWP)

FWP Manager (appointed 4/14): Nicole Bolton, NRCS Ely Field Office - (775) 289-4065 ext. 108

  • Hispanic Emphasis Program (HEP)

HEP Manager (appointed 7/13): Lex Riggle, NRCS Fallon Area Office - (775) 423-5124 ext. 114

  • Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender (LGBT)

LGBT Manager (appointed 4/12): Bill Conlin, NRCS Yerington Field Office - (775) 463-2265 ext. 109

  • Veteran Emphasis Program (VEP)

VEP Manager (11/13):  Jonnie Eyler, NRCS State Office - (775) 857-8500 ext. 100


Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) offers an informal process to help the Agency manage conflict more effectively, whether it’s workplace conflict, conflict with farmers and ranchers, or conflict with our partners.  The program offers a new way for resolving conflict through the utilization of various techniques including facilitation and mediation.  It is available to all employees, customers, and partners for dispute outside of the established dispute resolution systems, and is also available within grievance, appeals, and Equal Employment Opportunity complaint processes.

For more information, contact:

5601 Sunnyside Ave.
Room 1-1120, Stop Code: 5472
Beltsville, MD 20705
Phone: 301-504-2181
Fax: 301-504-2175

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