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Snow Survey Water Supply and Reservoir Storage Products

Streamflow Forecasting

The following documents require Adobe Acrobat

2015 New Mexico Basin Outlook Reports  Jan (PDF; 1,775 KB)
 Feb (PDF; 1,369 KB)
Mar (PDF; 1,1,53 KB)
Apr (PDF; 1,329 KB)
May (1,639 KB)


2015 New Mexico Monthly Quick Glance Forecast  Jan (PDF; 39 KB)
 Feb (PDF; 62 KB)
Mar (PDF; 35 KB)
Apr (PDF; 93 KB)
May (PDF; 182 KB)


2015 New Mexico Monthly News Release  Jan  (PDF; 19 KB)  
Feb (PDF; 93 KB)
Mar (PDF; 9 KB)
Apr (PDF; 8 KB)
May (PDF; 10 KB)


Reservoir Storage