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2009 Meeting Minutes State Technical Committee

2009 Archive

Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are available in Adobe Reader format and also below.

Minutes from December 1, 2009 (30 kb)
Minutes from October 7, 2009 (27 kb)
Minutes from July 9, 2009 (14 kb)
Minutes from March 30, 2009 meeting (13.4 kb)

Current Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes - 2010

Minutes New Jersey State Technical Committee - Tuesday December 1, 2009

The meeting opened at 10:00 am.

Those in attendance: Liz Thompson NJ Farm Bureau, Marie Banasiak NJ Farm Bureau, David Glenn NOFA – NJ, Anne Heasly RPWHP – CRI, Ken Klipstein NJWSA, Amy Hansen NJCF, Zane Helsel RCE, Charles Roohr NJ – SADC, Tim Fekete NJDA – SSCC, Kathleen Hitchner NJDEP – DWM, Audrey Moore USEPA Region 2, Howard Henderson USDA – RD, Nancy Coles USDA – FSA, Maria Collazo USDA – NRCS, Christine Hall USDA – NRCS, Fran Grasso USDA – NRCS, Barb Phillips USDA – NRCS, Janice Reid USDA – NRCS, Tom Drewes USDA – NRCS

The meeting opened at 10:00 am. Tom welcomed everyone and noted that NRCS has received their allocation stating that the budget was approved in October. Not all funds have been received. Everyone introduced themselves.

Tom passed out the 2010 program allocations. Janice explained each program allocation and noted that there will not be an allocation that will address air quality under EQIP. Half of the WHIP funds have been held back but may be coming.

Committee Reports

Outreach - Christine Hall gave a presentation on using Google Calendar to keep partners informed of individual and joint activities, meetings, etc. At this point the calendar would be for partner use only. Barb would like to have a teleconference training session for anyone interested in using the calendar and sent around a sign-up sheet. If all goes well, at some point in the future the calendar may be opened to public viewing. It was suggested that program deadlines for sign-up could be added to the calendar.

Programs - Janice handed out the EQIP and WHIP allocations broke out by funding pools as determined by the Program Sub-Committee. Janice explained that the Chief of NRCS has made it mandatory that each of the pools must be divided by local areas. NJ will be requesting a waiver for WHIP & EQIP because the total allocations do not justify further subdivisions after being separated by the fund pools NJ has already established. The procedure to submit those waivers must be received before it can be submitted.

Old Business

CREP - Nancy handed out a report on CREP and noted that the amount of CREP applications have declined since 2008 and a meeting will be scheduled to try to peak the interest in CREP.
SAFE - Nancy reported that there are 9 SAFE contracts totaling 135.0 acres, with one contract in the NJ Ag Heritage area and the remaining 8 contracts are in the NJ Grassland area.

BCAP - Nancy supplied the group with a handout that details the components available for the Biomass Crop Assistance Program. Nancy also reported that there is a north Jersey facility that will start pelletizing in January, and local growers can utilize this program to supply the materials to be pelletized for the facility. Nancy also stated the FSA website gives complete details for the program and also supplied a fact sheet for the program.

GRP Geographic Area Rate Cap - Janice reported that NJ has to set a geographic area rate cap for GRP. Janice is proposing that cap be raised to $12,000 per acre for established grassland and $9,000 per acre for areas needing restoration of grass. This new rate may increase an interest in the program which has been very limited in prior years. Janice also took the ag census into consideration when recommending the new rate. Everyone concurred that the new rate should be submitted for approval.

New Business

FRPP Deadlines update - Janice reported that the obligation deadline for all programs is April 1, 2010. In the past FRPP had an obligation deadline later in the year but with the change the deadline to apply for FRPP is now January 31, 2010. Janice reported that more applications are needed to use the current funds available.

WRP Action Plan - Janice reported that under the current farm bill there was a substantial increase in the acreage for WRP. The 2010 acreage allocation for NJ-WRP is 1500, with another 2000 acres for FY 2011 and 1500 acres for 2012. NJ has established easements on a total of 3,691 acres to date. The new allocation is a huge increase over the past years. A WRP Action Plan has been established to help us meet these goals.

Open Discussion

Janice reported that an Organic workgroup is being organized.

Liz Thompson reported that their annual meeting was held last month. Waiting for the governor-elect to make the committee and secretary appointments.
Ken Klipstein is holding a kick-off meeting tomorrow for the new ag mini-grant program that will provide the matching dollars for AWEP contracts as well as help fund a regional composting facility.

Zane reported that the 2009 CIG on feed management has started. He also stated that CNMP’s contracted under 2008 and 2009 contracts have been started, and some are finished. On December 15th, RCE is hosting an in-service basic ag energy meeting. FB will host a meeting for the public in the spring on the same topic.

Audrey reported that their regional administrator has been named. Judith Enek from NY is already on the job and meeting with her regional staff. EPA may also be getting a new ag coordinator; but there is no official announcement yet.

Ann reported that the RPWHP received some additional funding for regional conservation planning. It is hoped that one result might be identification of eligible landowners for WRP and other programs.

Glenn stated that the NOFA winter conference is to be held 1/30/10 at Douglas. A full-day workshop and hands-on in greenhouse is being held the day before at Cook. NJ-NOFA is also working on a potential regional NOFA CIG grant idea for submittal to the national competition.

Nancy reported that Paul is out of town on business but would have been here.

Tim Fekete reported that the governor is requiring cuts and the Ag department has to cut $850,000 from their budget. Also reported that the SADC has $475,000 for conservation work remaining. NJ envirothon will take place on May 8th in Gloucester County.

Kathleen Hitchner reported that the DEP also has to cut their budget.

Charles Roohr reported that the bond referendum passed allowing SADC to fund about two more years of preservation easements. SADC has proposed to develop a standardized process to monitoring permanently deed restricted land that would be used by all entities. Janice volunteered to assist in that effort.

Howard Henderson wants to promote REAP (Rural Energy Assistance Program), which provides loans and grants to farmers. They are working on simplifying the application process for small loans. He also reported that the Value Added Program closed yesterday, that program targets farmers who want to add value to their crops but is a national competition for the funds. Howard supplied a handout on loans available for farmers markets through the Community Facilities Program.

Christine Hall of RC&D reported that work continues with the River Friendly Farm program under the ag mini-grants program. That program will also fund a feasibility study for a regional manure composting facility; and they are meeting with a Hunterdon County farmer interested in developing such a facility. RC&D also has a new program called SOS - Stewardship of Open Space - to work with municipalities on open space issues including community food, biofuels, and conservation of resources.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 2, 2010 @ 10:00 am.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 12:00 noon.

New Jersey State Technical Committee Wednesday October 7, 2009, NRCS State Office

The meeting was called to order at 10:05 AM.

Those in attendance: Sam Conard, Somerset County; John Keenan, Nature Conservancy; Liz Thompson, NJ Farm Bureau; Marie Banasiak NJ Farm Bureau; Dave Clapp, NJDA; Kim Korth, NJ DEP – ENSP; Tim Barresi, NJDEP – FS; David Glenn, NOFA – NJ; Audrey Moore, USEPA Region 2; Donna Sohboonlaka, USEPA Region 2; Steve Peterson, USDA – NASS; Howard Henderson, USDA – RD; Nancy Coles, USDA – FSA; Paul J. Hlubik, USDA – FSA; Dave Schaaf, USDA – NRCS; Fran Grasso, USDA – NRCS; Gail Bartok, USDA – NRCS; Janice Reid, USDA – NRCS; Nicole Ciccaglione, USDA – NRCS; Sharif Branham, USDA – NRCS; Tim Dunne, USDA – NRCS; Tom Drewes, USDA – NRCS

Tom welcomed everyone and reported that the Ag Appropriations conference bill has been delivered to both houses but not voted on yet. We anticipate approval soon.

The minutes were reviewed and approved with one change to the date, The meeting was held Wednesday, July 8, 2009.

Committee Reports

Tom gave an overview of the State Technical Committee for the new members.

Outreach Sub-Committee - Gail Bartok gave an update for the committee. Coleen, Marie and Barb met and established the Conservation Outlook calendar. It is still being decided who will maintain the calendar and who will decide what gets posted.

Program Sub-Committee - Janice passed out and reviewed a handout with the results of the Financial Assistance Funds for 2009. Tom presented similar data with the program numbers by county.

The Sub-committee is recommending a new policy as follows: An applicant shall not be eligible for ranking if they have any contracts that are behind schedule. The policy would provide an incentive for applicants to get and stay on schedule; and reduce the chance that multiple problem contracts will be developed.

The policy recommendation was discussed, it was decided that we adopt this new policy.

Old Business


Nancy mentioned that FSA has started to release annual CRP rental payments for 2009, $93,737.00 was paid and there is approximately $64,000 that still needs to be released. She passed out the usual CREP and CRP report, now showing a total of 133 contracts in the state. Paul Hlubik gave an overview of the CREP for the committee.

Nancy also gave an update for SAFE. The NJ Audubon project has 35.9 acres contracted, and the Grassland project has 95.1acres with 79.5 acres in process. Salem, Cumberland and Warren counties have the contracts.

2010 Program Target Dates

Janice presented a handout with program target dates as recommended by the programs sub-committee. It is hopeful that we will have the 2010 allocations for these mandatory funded programs soon.

Tom reported that, for the 1st CSP signup which closed September 30, NJ had no applicants. We were the only state with zero signup. He thanked our partners, especially FSA and Farm Bureau, for helping us get the word out.

Janice stated that the 1st round of applications for 2010 FRPP will be due October 31. There are some applications that rolled over from 2009 for this program; others may be submitted.

The final program rules will be published soon as follows: AMA & WHIP – mid-October; EQIP – before January 2010. For the easement programs (WRP, GRP, and FRPP), the recent comment period has closed and final rules will be issued once all comments can be addressed.

Announcements for Program Funding are planned to be released nationally as follows: National CIG and CCPI – early in fiscal year; AWEP – November 2009.

2010 Ranking Pools – EQIP

Janice explained the recommendation of pools for 2010. There has not been a large request for livestock and the sub-committee recommends that we combine the ag waste and grazing land into one pool. The sub-committee is also recommending that dry cropland and irrigated cropland be split since there are such a large number of applications. Finally, it was also recommended that forestry be a separate pool. Additionally we will need to have the nationally mandated pools for CAPs and the Organic Initiative. The Committee agreed with these recommendations.

Janice reported that the NRCS Chief has required each state split their ranking pools down to the local level. The sub committee will discuss this change at their next meeting.

Tom gave an overview of the history of local pools that existed in NJ. He explained that NJ had 3 priority areas in the past based on targeted watersheds. There were some problems nationally with the way funds were allocated to these target areas, and local pools were done away with under the 2002 farm bill. Since them we have had only statewide pools. In the 2008 Farm Bill, it was mandated that local workgroups be re-established; one of the recommendations will be to break the state in two: South Jersey and North Jersey.

2010 Conservation Activity Plans (CAP)

Janice reminded the Committee that our July recommendation was for NJ to offer five CAPs in 2010 – Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans (CNMP), Fish & Wildlife Plans, Forestry Plans, Integrated Pest Management Plans (IPM), and Whole-Farm Energy Plans.
Janice gave an explanation of CAP and mentioned that NJ-NRCS is very comfortable offering four of the five recommended CAP’s: CNMP, Fish & Wildlife, Forestry, IPM. She explained that no one is available to prepare whole-farm energy plans, which require an analysis of all energy uses on the farm, including crop production (tractor HP, fertilizer application, tillage frequency, etc). Without data it is too difficult to establish payment rates.

Tim said NRCS will be working on providing these Energy Management Plans in the future and is working with local partners toward that end.

2010 Forestry initiative - EQIP

Tim reported that there is about 16 applications for 2010 EQIP from landowners who are interested in Forestry. NRCS has added practices in EQIP that will be offered to these applicants. It was agreed to provide an EQIP Fact Sheet specifically for the Forestry initiative.

Tim held a meeting with local partners to further discuss implementing EQIP on forest lands. Meeting highlights include:

  • NJ Forestry Stewardship Committee has agreed to act officially as a sub-committee of the State Technical Committee for forestry issues in NJ.
  • NRCS agreed to provide training on NJ EQIP and Forestry opportunities, and how to become a TSP, for forestry consultants with SCD's, NJFS and other partners.
  • We also were asked to provide brief presentation at the November 7th NJ Forestry Association meeting on Forestry CAP's and AgLearn access.

Jim B. also mentioned that the Forest Stewardship Committee is working on a State Forest Assessment that is due July 1, 2010.

2010 Organic initiative - EQIP - Tim reported that NRCS NJ signed a contract with NJ NOFA to provide NRCS employees training on organic farming issues. He also wants to start a working group (similar to forestry working group) this fall to brainstorm organic farming and NRCS conservation programs opportunities. David Lee, Jack Rabin, Dave Glenn, and Michelle Glenn have been mentioned/volunteered to participate in this work group.

David Glenn offered to have a round table discussion about organic issues. NRCS employees will be encouraged to attend the NOFA-NJ annual conference that will be held this winter.

New Business

2010 Budget Outlook - Tom mentioned that the house and senate meet in July 2009. The numbers for our Farm Bill programs seem to be the same as 2009. FRPP will most likely increase about 25%. EQIP may increase about 10% but he is not sure if that money is targeted for a special area. He is hopeful that a budget will be passed by the end of October without the need for further continuing resolutions.

GRP 2009 results -Nancy updated the committee on GRP. Our original allocation was $192,272; we ended up with six contracts approved and $132,302 obligated. Little funding had to be returned and Nancy commended the Hackettstown office on such a quick turn around on the last contract obligated.

Nancy mentioned that you can not be in the DCP program and GRP at the same time. We must be careful when potential applicants inquire about GRP.

Tim explained that there are mowing restrictions under GRP. Program rules prohibit mowing or harvesting of enrolled acres during the nesting season (April 1 – July 15 in NJ). A recommendation was made by this committee in 2004 to allow mowing or haying of up to 50% of enrolled acres in any year, in order to encourage more program enrollment.

Nancy mentioned that this policy needs to be reviewed once the program manual is released. According to the appendix signed by the contract holder, the participant agrees not to disturb any ground during the nesting season. This is also stated in the federal register. So for now we will no longer allow any disturbance during the nesting season. Instead we welcome other recommendations on how to increase participation in GRP.

HFRP  - Tim reported that proposals for 2010 funding are due November 1. The Nature Conservancy (TNC) sent a letter to NRCS describing their work to identify important and potentially threatened forest areas in NJ, together with a request for HFRP consideration. Tim handed out the map from this report which shows five target areas; one in north Jersey and four in south Jersey. John Keenan confirmed that TNC has on-going talks with forestry owners in Cumberland County for conservation easements. Tim will work with TNC to develop a proposal for submittal by the deadline. Janice gave an overview of the program to explain that both easement acquisition and restoration contracts are possible under HFRP, with restoration focused on enhancing habitat for a target federal or state endangered species.

WRP 2010 Geographic Area Rate Cap - Janice reminded the Committee that our geographic area rate caps (GARC) need to be reviewed and updated annually. These rates can be used to make easement purchase offers to eligible landowners.

Our 2009 rates, which were approved by this committee in February 2009, are:

  • $6000/acre for dry cropland, pasture and permanent hayland;
  • $9000/acre for irrigated cropland and specialty land (blueberries/cranberries); and
  • $2000/acre for woodland.

After a short discussion it was agreed to use these rates again for 2010.

WRP Outreach - Janice mentioned that the 2008 farm bill tripled the acreage goals for WRP nationally. It was recommended that the outreach sub-committee develop a new campaign to educate NJ landowners about conservation programs to restore and enhance wetlands

Open Discussion

Kim Korth reported that the division is working on an at-risk species list as a result of the Builders Association request to delist the Northern pine snake.

The Division has also published in the NJ Register a wind map that identifies potential conflicts to wind-turbine placement which is open for public comments. Wildlife is the biggest concern but there are other conflicts identified.

John Keenan mentioned his interest in the HRFP and the great opportunity that has been presented.

Liz Thompson reported that there should be a lot of publicity with bond questions #1 for the open space issue and FB is supporting this issue.

Marie Banasiak reported that the FB convention is scheduled for 11/16 and 11/17.

Audrey Moore reported that Rutgers is giving a one day cranberry tour on 10/15.

Steve Peterson reported that his agency is working on an irrigation survey, a chemical use survey, and a screening of residential areas for farmers. There is a list of farmers and there may be some people that are not on the list but may have farmland that they operate.

David Glenn reported that NOFA is having a harvest celebration on 10/25. It will be the 25th anniversary of NOFA this year, and they are targeting new highlights and directions. They are also looking into a national CIG with other states. They would like NJ to be the lead on the grant.

Howard Henderson explained the presence of Rural Development. He handed out a “Partners In Value” brochure. This program closes on November 30 with $25 million dollars available nation wide.

Howard also discussed the possible implications of a General Counsel ruling on the definition of “rural” which could negatively impact RD programs in NJ.

Paul Hlubik gave a brief review of what the Farm Service Agency does. FSA is NJ’s number two lender to farmers. FSA also has conservation programs, price supports, and commodity programs, and now a permanently authorized crop disaster program. NJ has recently been declared a disaster state for 2009 which will entitle farmers to low interest loans due to weather related issues.

Paul also explained a new program called BCAP – Bio-energy Crop Assistant Program. Currently in phase 1, the program matches farmers with end users of bio-fuels and provides a subsidy for delivering the crop to these end users.

Nancy Coles mentioned that FSA maintains farm records for USDA, and is authorized to track the direct attribution of funds. Currently there are 26 programs (NRCS and FSA) that use this data, and 49 different applications of program rules to be followed. She presented a handout to show the direct attribution process and the complexity of the programs.

Jim Barresi mentioned that the movement of firewood across state lines is becoming a big issue due to potential invasive pests and diseases. They are developing some restrictions for moving firewood. The NJ Grown label may be used to certify firewood available in NJ.

Next Meeting - The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 1, 2009 at 10:00 am in the New Jersey State NRCS office, Somerset.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:30 pm.

State Technical Committee Meeting, Wednesday July 8, 2009, NRCS State Office

Persons Present: Marie Banasiak, NJFB; Dave Clapp, NJDA; Nancy Coles, FSA; Troy Ettel, NJAS; Tim Fekete, NJDA-SSCC; Anne Heasly, RPWHP; Amy Hansen, NJCF; Kathleen Hitchner, NJDEP-DWM; Ken Klipstein, NJWSA; Torrey Reade, Cum-Salem SCD; Charles Roohr, SADC; Eric Schrading, USFWS; Liz Thompson, NJFB; Tom Wells, The Nature Conservancy; Gail Bartok, NRCS; Sharif Branham, NRCS; Maria Collazo, NRCS; Tim Dunne, NRCS; Fran Grasso, NRCS; Tom Drewes, NRCS; Barbara Phillips, NRCS; Janice Reid, NRCS

Welcome: Tom Drewes opened the meeting at 10:05 and asked if there were any changes to the minutes of the prior meeting. Nancy Coles requested the reason for her absence last meeting (she was ill) be added to the minutes. Introductions were made.

Outreach Committee: Barb Phillips said the subcommittee meeting will be scheduled for August. The Google calendar has been set up and will soon be readied for presentation by the fall. Horse Pasture publication will be completed shortly.

Program Committee: Janice Reid directed attention to the posters hanging at each end of the room on two 2008 CIG funded projects which will be showcased at next week’s Soil and Water Conservation Society meeting in Michigan.

AMA – Have $272K to spend, received $413K worth of requests; awarded 8 contracts for funding. All but one have been obligated.

EQIP – $4.5M allocation is divided into 4 different pots, some have flexibility and others are fixed. Air Quality funds and Organic funds are fixed, leaving $3.4M for all other contracts. We had $7.3M in requests; 23 contracts will be funded in air quality, and 60 contracts in regular EQIP. Organic ranking is on-going. We cannot announce State CIG until national CIG awards announcement has been made; however, loads of good projects this time.

WHIP – Held second signup in May generating more applications, yet overall applications are down due to eligibility requirements. Difficult to get interest in private lands under WHIP, will probably have to return some monies. We have $1M allocation; expect to use less than 75% of that.

Old Business

CRP/CREP/SAFE – Nancy Coles reviewed notice of allocation by acreage for wetlands restoration–still no acres authorized for NJ. She updated CRP and CREP data for the state. CRP acres total 232.2 on 229 contracts, and include 254 practices. There have been five new CREP contracts since March, total of 130 active contracts now on 559 acres. Under SAFE we have approved 160.4 acres.

CCPI/AWEP/CIG – Janice reported we know nothing at this time about the CCPI or AWEP proposals. NJ had one AWEP proposal submitted, which could mean future EQIP money for the state. EWPP had 3 applications (2 of which were eligible and 1 was funded, accepted and is in process).

State CIG – Tim reported on the State CIG. Eleven applications received this year for NJ competition. Audubon helped enrollment numbers with well attended workshop. Applications received in varying amounts ranging from $8k-$75. Projects have been ranked by the members from the state technical committee and information provided to Tom. Limited dollars but should be able to fund between 3 and 5 contracts.

FRPP – Janice reminded everyone of the different application process for FRPP this year. This time you must identify your project upfront. Thirteen projects were submitted - allotted almost $6.5M for FRPP this year and should be able to fund 8 projects under agreements with three of the four entities who applied. Now working towards closing and the hard work has already been done up front so this should be a speedier process. The funded projects total 740 acres in Mercer, Hunterdon and Somerset counties.

EQIP Conservation Activity Plans - Janice provided an overview of the Conservation Activity Plans (CAP) using a power point presentation. These are new with the 2008 Farm Bill and allow us the flexibility to use financial assistance funds to develop specific resource plans on farms. There are 10 potential plans, 8 of which are applicable to NJ. Tim referred to the information that was emailed to show the detail required in each plan. This year we funded CNMPs without ranking competition because they were deemed self-regulating; any contracted plan must be completed within 12 months of contract signing. TSPs are required to write the plan, and must be certified. Requirements are pretty stringent. After some discussion it was agreed to pursue 4 new CAPs for 2010, in addition to CNMPs. These are Fish & Wildlife, Forestry, Integrated Pest Management, and Energy.

New Business

GRP –2009 sign up closed in early June. Janice reported there were some rollover applicants from prior years which resulted in 10 eligible interested applicants, eight of which will be funded. A mandated national target of 40% rental and 60% easement must be met by the end of the farm bill. This year NJ received no easement applicants, so a request to use the total allocation for rental contracts will be made.

Janice also stated that despite having no easement sign-up, we still need to establish a Geographic Area Rate Cap (GARC) for the program. She handed out one rationale based on data from the SADC on preserved farms. Compared to our WRP GARC of $6,000 for non-irrigated cropland, where the US purchases all rights except the right of quiet enjoyment, the proposal is for $4,000 for a GRP easement on pasture land where the landowner retains the right to graze or hay the land. Committee members felt this value was low since it also takes away development rights; however it was agreed to submit the rates for 2009, take a look at neighboring state rates, and discuss again before any updates are needed in 2010.

Forestry Initiatives – Tim is trying to increase interest in forestry EQIP in NJ, hope to have more sign-up 2010. He proposed using the state Forest Stewardship Committee, and existing group with multi-agency and non-profit representation, as a new State Technical Committee sub-committee to help facilitate future plans, discussions and outreach.

Healthy Forest Reserve Program – Tim mentioned that The Nature Conservancy has requested NRCS help in putting together a proposal for NJ. We missed deadline this round but should start thinking about next year’s RFP, and which areas to target so we can bring additional funding to the State. Next step would be to discuss at the State Forestry Stewardship meeting in September.

Organic Initiatives – Tim proposed putting together a workgroup to address conservation practices, payments, and how to outreach better to the organic community. Amy volunteered and thought that NOFA-NJ and Rutgers (specifically Dave Lee) should participate also.

Open Discussion

Anne – Two plans funded for Hunterdon/Somerset township’s for forest plans and watershed plans which hope to be done by fall. RPWHP is also interested in a potential HFRP project for the Sourlands area.

Amy – A $400M question will be on the November ballot to again provide temporary funding to the NJ farmland preservation program.

Tom W. – asked about the status of the Forest Stewardship Bill. Amy and Liz provided some background about the Farm Bureau concerns with softening too much the farmland assessment rules. Tom also mentioned that the ATV bill, restricting ATV use on public lands, may still be passed.

Nancy – Acreage reporting will be extended to August 14th due to rains/delays in plantings. DCP has been extended to August 14th as well.

Tim F. – On CAP we are now working on agreement renewals with Gloucester and Mercer counties. Water allocation issues in progress – resolution in sight. Currently transferring final funds from old CCSP Program to the State cost share program; will be finalized in August. Deer fence program - 24 of 34 eligible applications were awarded; program is probably over since no more fencing is available. Budget passed, contracts radified, NJDA feels relatively safe until Dec. 2010.

Chuck – clarified differences in FRPP easement deed and SADC easement deed regarding ability to install conservation practices. Concern exists with installing small shallow wetlands; some CADBs do not allow farmers to implement. Janice mentioned that as long as the practice is in the approved conservation plan, the farmer is following the plan, it should be OK.

Next meeting will be Wednesday, October 7, 2009.

Meeting adjourned at 12:12 pm.


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