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TSP Resources and References

Resources and References for Technical Service Providers

Conservation Activity Plan Categories

For detailed information on what Conservation Activity Plans exist and requirements for being certified please visit the National Techreg website.

Documents listed as pdf require Adobe Acrobat.

Conservation Activity Plan Code Criteria Checklist Template Guide Sample Plan
Conservation Activity Plan Documents
Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan 102 doc Aug. 2012        
Nutrient Management Plan 104 doc Aug 2012        
Forest Management Plan 106 doc Aug 2012   doc pdf Feb 2011; pdf Aug 2012 Template Guide pdf Feb 2011  
Feed Management Plan 108 doc        
Grazing Management Plan 110 doc Aug 2012        
Prescibed Burning Plan Development 112 doc Aug 2012        
Integrated Pest Management Plan 114 doc Apr 2013   doc Aug 2012    
Irrigation Water Management Plan 118 doc Aug 2012        
Agricultural Energy Management Plan - Headquarters 122 doc Aug 2013       Grain Drying Sample Plan; 
Greenhouse Sample Plan
Agricultural Energy Management Plan - Landscape 124 doc Jan 2014   doc Aug 2012    
Comprehensive Air Quality Management Plan 126 doc Aug 2012        
Drainage Water Management Plan 130 doc May 2013        
Conservation Plan Supporting Transition from Irrigation to Dryland Farming Plan 134 doc Aug 2012   doc Aug 2012    
Conservation Plan Supporting Organic Transition 138 doc Apr 2013   doc grazing Aug 2012; doc cropland    
Fish and Wildlife Habitat Management Plan 142 doc Aug 2012        
Pollinator Habitat Plan 146 doc Aug 2012        
Oil Spill, Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) 150 doc Aug 2012        
Integrated Pest Management Herbicide Resistance Weed Conservation Plan 154 doc Aug 2012   doc Aug 2012    



































Note: doc, docx, and dotx are Microsoft Word Documents. If you have difficulty opening these documents please contact us and we will send you a different format.

Important Links

TechReg Site

This is Technical Service Provider site for managing you login and profile and various resources. This is also where clients can go to find Technical Service Providers for their projects.

Forms (Permission to access cusomter data, Assignment of payment and other forms).

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