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South Jersey Levee Inventory

South Jersey Levee Inventory

Photo of Levee 5 - Miles Creek, Pennsville Township, NJ

Levee 5 – Miles Creek
Pennsville Township, NJ


Photo of Levee 86 - Berrytown, Commercial Township, Cumberland County, NJ

Levee 86 – Berrytown, Commercial Township
Cumberland Co., NJ


Photo of South Jersey levee

South Jersey levee

The purpose of the South Jersey Levee Inventory was to identify and characterize the location, extent and characteristics of existing levees/dikes in and along the Delaware Bay and lower Delaware River in the South Jersey counties of Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem.  The inventory attempts to provide an estimate of the amount, type and extent of vulnerability of people and property, including agricultural acreages and businesses, protected by these structures.  The goal that the information obtained through the inventory would assist in providing for enhanced levee safety management and emergency response activities.

The South Jersey Levee Inventory was conducted by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service under an agreement signed in August 2008 with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Philadelphia District. Funding was provided by the Bureau of Dam Safety and Flood Control of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

The Inventory was divided into two parts: the Field Inventory, and the Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) Analysis.

Field inventory work on the project began in January 2009 with 107 levees initially being identified from 2002 aerial photography. The field inventory records name of structure, inventory date, project location, Block and Lot number, owner’s contact information, operation and maintenance provider, length and height, vegetation control, sod cover, erosion, slope stability, settlement, depressions/rutting, presence of cracking, presence of burrowing animals, encroachments, etc. The inventory, completed in May 2010, verified that 70 of these were actually levees.

LiDAR analysis of these 70 levees was done to determine the location, extent and areas protected from tidal inundation and flooding. Further analysis of six of these 70 levees determined that over 3000 structures (businesses, homes) were identified to be subject to flooding in both urban and rural areas.

The project report covers levee history, methodology and procedures of the field and LiDAR analysis with identification of problems followed by conclusions and recommendations.

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South Jersey Levee Inventory Presentation (6.52 MB)
South Jersey Levee Inventory Report (8.84 MB)