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Environmental Compliance

Environmental Compliance

Environmental Information and Assessment of Environmental Impacts

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requires federal agencies to evaluate the potential effects of their activities and programs on the quality of the human environment. The "human environment" includes natural resources (such as soil, water, air, plants, and animals), plus cultural resources and social and economic considerations. Although NEPA is concerned about all types of effects (both positive and negative), it is especially intended to help decision makers identify significant adverse impacts and avoid, minimize, or mitigate these impacts.

Program applications must include a description of the potential environmental and social impacts and potential beneficial and adverse impacts of the proposed action. Environmental resources include soil, water, air, plants, and animals, as well as other specific resources protected by law, Executive Order, and Agency policy. These resources are outlined in the NRCS Environmental Evaluation Worksheet, CPA-52.

Note: It is required that Form CPA-52 - Environmental Effects for Conservation Planning be submitted with Conservation Innovation Grants proposals. This form can be used as a guide for the scope of environmental information required for the CIG application. In addition to information about the law and policy related to NEPA, you can find the form and instructions at Environmental Compliance at NRCS. The form requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Please be aware that applications for projects with potentially adverse impacts may need to be modified in order to achieve acceptable and beneficial levels of environmental impact. If projects cannot be modified, then there is a potential during the screening process that the application may not be selected.


Betsy McShane, Environmental Compliance Coordinator : (609) 561-3223, extension 109


This page last updated February 16, 2016